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Beyond the Box Score is looking for writers

Ever wanted to write about baseball? Now’s your chance!

Colorado Rockies v New York Mets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Beyond the Box Score has existed for nearly 12 years now: Our first post went up on May 2, 2005. Since then, we’ve published 9,313 articles (this is the 9,314th), on any and everything baseball. We’ve also had some distinguished alumni; for starters, Marc Normandin — who wrote that inaugural post — now writes for the SB Nation MLB hub. Our writers have gone on to work for Baseball Prospectus, FanGraphs, ESPN, and even a number of MLB teams.

Now, we're looking for more! If you've always liked the analysis here at BtBS and thought you'd fit right in, apply! If you don't think you'd fit right in, apply anyway — you never know!

We welcome everyone, regardless of experience; we'll pick the people whose writing stands out. If you’ve never written about baseball before, that's not a problem — just write up something you think would function well as a BtBS article, and we'll gauge your writing ability off that.

Entry-level positions won't be paid, but we have several paid writers on staff; you can fill one of these positions if you stick around for a few months and improve. Everyone has to start somewhere, and we want to be your jumping-off point.

We especially encourage women writers, writers of color, and gender variant writers to apply. The lack of diversity in the baseball writing community has always troubled us, and while we won't give priority to anyone, everyone is more than encouraged to apply. You’re welcome here no matter what.

Send an email to with your clip(s)/sample article(s). Regardless of whether we hire you, we'll reply and provide feedback on your work. Good luck to all applicants! We've been around for nearly a dozen years, and with your help, we'll keep going strong.

Ryan Romano is the co-managing editor for Beyond the Box Score. He also writes about the Orioles for Camden Depot, sometimes. Follow him on Twitter if you enjoy angry tweets about Maryland sports.