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In Play, Rays, White Sox, and Rangers offseason preview

How should the Tampa Bay Rays, Chicago White Sox, and Texas Rangers approach this offseason? Funny you ask, we have some answers!

MLB: New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

So how do you beat the early offseason lull? By blasting it with baseball! Today kicks off the first of 10 offseason preview episodes, in which we bring on 3 various members of the baseball community to breakdown how their team should approach this offseason.

Thanks to everyone that has been apart of this project so far, it has truly been wonderful. We’ll be posting one every weekday for the next two weeks, and we hope you enjoy!

In the first of 10 offseason preview episodes, host Evan Davis (BtBS, Today's Knuckleball) is joined by Danny Russell (Managing Editor of DRaysBay), then Cat Garcia (contributor to Baseball Prospectus, BP Southside), and finally Kate Morrison (contributor to Baseball Prospectus, Today's Knuckleball). Have a listen:

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