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The Shift episode 32: June 10, 2015 (w/ Eric Garcia-McKinley!)

On this episode of The Shift, Bryan talks with Beyond the Box Score writer and Rockies expert Eric Garcia-McKinley! Eric and Bryan discuss the Rockies, the Rule 4 Draft, and using sabermetrics on broadcasts.

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The official podcast of Beyond the Box Score is The Shift! Host Bryan Grosnick is talking to some of the most interesting folks in baseball, baseball writing, and sabermetrics.

On this episode of The Shift, Bryan is joined by Eric Garcia-McKinley of Beyond the Box Score and SB Nation's Colorado Rockies blog, Purple Row. This episode (recorded just before the Rule 4 Draft) covers all things Rockies: the players they might draft, what the org can do to come back from their run of -- well, let's just call it mediocrity -- and more. Is there hope? We'll figure it out!

(Dinger still sucks, though.)

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Bryan Grosnick is the Lead Writer for Beyond the Box Score. You can follow him on Twitter at @bgrosnick.