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SB Nation Awards 2015: Vote for Bat Flip / Celebration of the Year

We love awards. Let's give some out.

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

It's awards season, the season in which writers, bloggers, and fans will argue over who did the best baseball things over the course of the 2015 season. SB Nation is doing their own awards-giving in the following categories:

  • Hitter of the Year
  • Pitcher of the Year
  • Defensive Play of the Year
  • Bat Flip / Celebration of the Year
  • Best Breakage of Unwritten Rules of the Year

This particular article relates to the "Bat Flip / Celebration of the Year" award. This is not separated by league. The writers at BtBS have submitted a few nominations for each award to help narrow down the choices from "everything" to "less than everything". In full disclosure, despite multiple writers submitting nominations, Jose Bautista's bat flip was the only one anyone nominated. The other options are based on me searching for "bat flip" in MLB's video archives. Here are the choices:

Jose Bautista's bat flip. You know the one.

Zack Greinke hits a dinger

A-rod introduces a pause

Cespedes throws the bat

Because this is more subjective, there will be an "Other" option. If you want to vote for something else, comment it below. If you, the reader, see the play for which you want to vote in the comments, rec the comment. I also realize that there was not an "Other" option for the two previous awards. Given that this is a stats blog, there are only so many players who really can vie for the first two awards (by our thought process). This award and the next one are rather subjective in comparison, so they get an "Other".

Vote below!