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The Shift Episode 4: Trader-metrics - July 2, 2014

Sure, it's only the second day of July ... but the hosts of The Shift are already in full Hot Stove mode, talking about the types of assets that are undervalued in trades.

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It's the fourth episode of Beyond the Box Score's The Shift -- where Bryan, Neil, and Stu overcome a faulty connection early to throw out the types of players they see as undervalued trade commodities. Also, they propose some fun potential trades they'd like to see as the Hot Stove season heats up!

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We'll have more information in the coming days about how to access the podcast through iTunes, but for now you can check it out through the embedded player or at this link (where you can download it).

We've done it! The Shift is FINALLY on iTunes!

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Bryan Grosnick is the Managing Editor of Beyond the Box Score. You can follow him on Twitter at @bgrosnick.

Neil Weinberg is the Associate Managing Editor at Beyond The Box Score, a contributor to Gammons Daily, and can also be found writing enthusiastically about the Detroit Tigers at New English D. He is @NeilWeinberg44 on Twitter.

Stuart Wallace is an Associate Managing Editor and writer at Beyond The Box Score. You can follow him on Twitter at @TClippardsSpecs.