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Tracking instant replay results

Following how umpires have fared through the first week of instant replay.

Bob Levey

Review has upheld 60% of calls (21 of 35) through Saturday night. Umpires at third base have fared the worst thus far: going 1-3 (33%), those at second have gone 4-9 (44%), and 9-16 first base calls have been upheld (56%). Home plate umpires have yet to be wrong (to some debate)—perfect at 7-7.

Date Review Umpire Name Club Call Result Decision
5-Apr 35 1B DiMuro, Mike Rays Safe Out Overturned
5-Apr 34 HP West, Joe Dodgers Out Out Upheld
5-Apr 33 2B Hoye, James Mets Out Safe Overturned
5-Apr 32 HP DeMuth, Dana Yankees Out Out Upheld
4-Apr 31 1B DeMuth, Dana Yankees Out Out Upheld
4-Apr 30 1B Wendelstedt, Hunter Rays Trap Catch Overturned
4-Apr 29 1B DeMuth, Dana Yankees Out Safe Overturned
4-Apr 28 1B Barrett, Ted Royals Safe Safe Upheld
4-Apr 27 2B Foster, Marty Giants Safe Out Overturned
4-Apr 26 2B Danley, Kerwin Tigers Safe Safe Upheld
4-Apr 25 3B Hudson, Marvin Braves In Play Dead Ball Overturned
3-Apr 24 2B Gonzalez, Manny Mariners HR HR Upheld
3-Apr 23 HP Barber, Sean Athletics Out Out Upheld
3-Apr 22 HP Knight, Brian Yankees Ball 3 Ball 3 Upheld
3-Apr 21 1B Ripperger, Mark Reds Safe Safe Upheld
3-Apr 20 2B Wendelstedt, Hunter Rockies Safe Safe Upheld
3-Apr 19 1B Layne, Jerry Rockies Safe Safe Upheld
2-Apr 18 3B Hirschbeck, John Cubs Safe Safe Upheld
2-Apr 17 2B Morales, Gabe Indians Out Safe Overturned
2-Apr 16 HP Davidson, Bob Pirates Foul Foul Upheld
2-Apr 15 2B Tumpane, John Cubs Out Safe Overturned
2-Apr 14 2B Layne, Jerry Marlins Safe Safe Upheld
2-Apr 13 HP Wegner, Mark Athletics Out Out Upheld
2-Apr 12 3B Scott, Dale Twins Catch No Catch Overturned
2-Apr 11 1B Conroy, Chris Tigers Safe Out Overturned
2-Apr 10 1B Conroy, Chris Tigers Out Safe Overturned
1-Apr 9 1B Guccione, Chris Giants Safe Safe Upheld
1-Apr 8 1B Wolf, Jim Blue Jays Out Out Upheld
1-Apr 7 1B Wolf, Jim Blue Jays No HR No HR Upheld
1-Apr 6 2B Blaser, Cory Rangers Safe Out Overturned
31-Mar 5 HP Winters, Mike Indians Out Out Upheld
31-Mar 4 1B Fagan, Clint Nationals Out Out Upheld
31-Mar 3 1B Davidson, Bob Pirates Safe Out Overturned
31-Mar 2 1B Gibson, Greg Braves Safe Out Overturned
31-Mar 1 1B Davidson, Bob Cubs Out Out Upheld

A few notes raised in the wake of the system's first week:


With such a subjective distinction: should throws pulling middle infielders off the bag be considered unreviewable under the "neighborhood play" category?


Review #15: review granted, runner safe.


Why isn't Rule 7.13 being properly applied to catchers?


Review #32: catcher not blocking the plate.

Note: "Unless the catcher is in possession of the ball, the catcher cannot block the pathway of the runner as he is attempting to score."


Why are incorrect calls still being made?


Review #26: runner safe, ball not lost on transfer.

. . .

All statistics courtesy of Close Call Sports.

Joshua Mastracci is a contributor to Beyond the Box Score. You can follow him on Twitter at @joshuamastracci.