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2014 Los Angeles Angels Consensus Top 59 Prospects

What is the consensus ranking for each of the Angels' top prospects?

Taylor Lindsey just edges out Kaleb Cowart for the Angels' top spot
Taylor Lindsey just edges out Kaleb Cowart for the Angels' top spot
Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.

-Proverbs 11:14

Prospect lists are a tricky animal. Every prospect guru has his or her own biases, favorite prospects, sources, and philosophy, leading to quite a variety in the placement of specific players on his or her list. I like making lists and I like prospects, but I'm no scout and I have no inside connections, so my list wouldn't hold any particular weight. Instead of spending loads of time ranking the players with my own biases, I decided a few years ago to instead assemble a consensus list for each team. You can view all of the previous lists here. Hopefully this will bring safety from a multitude of counselors.

How do I do this? Each time a prospect appears on a list, he gets a number of points (51 minus his ranking). The prospect with the largest amount of points is ranked first.

This year, I made a few changes to the list. First off, I included as many lists as I could possibly find. This includes list from team-specific sites, not just from sites that post a list for every team. Second, I created a separate list for fantasy rankings. Fantasy baseball sites rank their prospects with a different flavor and so there are two rankings: one for real baseball and one for fantasy.

You can also view the 2013 Los Angeles Angels top prospect list.


Regular Lists

Angels Win

Baseball America

Baseball Instinct

Baseball Prospectus

Bleacher Report


Grading on the Curve

Inside the Halos

Keith Law (ESPN)

Minor League Ball (John SIckels)

MLB Draft Insider

MLB Prospect Portal

Monkey With A Halo

Prospect Digest


Top Prospect Alert

Fantasy Lists

Dynasty Sports Empire

Fake Teams

Prospect 361


The List

The "Change" column describes how the prospect’s status changed from 2013. A positive number means the prospect moved up in the list, while a negative number means he moved down.

Here is a spreadsheet that contains all of the 2014 Los Angeles Angels top prospect rankings in one place. I have removed Keith Law's as his lists require a subscription, though his list is included in the final tally.

Rank FRank Player Total FTo Change
1 1 Taylor Lindsey 785 199 3
2 2 Kaleb Cowart 778 194 -1
3 3 C.J. Cron 756 193 0
4 7 R.J. Alvarez 712 130 2
5 4 Mark Sappington 688 190 4
5 8 Hunter Green 688 91 2nd Round
7 6 Alex Yarbrough 653 131 4
8 5 Jose Rondon 526 136 9
9 10 Mike Morin 469 86 Unranked last year
10 13 Nick Maronde 459 45 -8
11 9 Zach Borenstein 450 89 Unranked last year
12 11 Eric Stamets 354 85 6
13 14 Ricardo Sanchez 343 44 Venezuelan IFA
14 12 Natanael Delgado 300 83 Dominican IFA
15 NA Cam Bedrosian 272 -1
16 NA Reid Scoggins 256 4
17 NA Austin Wood 251 -10
18 NA Keynan Middleton 172 3rd Round
19 NA Cal Towey 143 17th Round
20 NA Mike Clevinger 141 -12
21 NA Kyle McGowin 130 5th Round
22 NA Matt Shoemaker 124 Unranked last year
23 NA Elliot Morris 85 4th Round
24 NA Matt Long 79 Unranked last year
25 NA Michael Snyder 78 Unranked last year
26 NA Yency Almonte 77 -1
27 NA Alfonso Alcantara 72 -3
28 NA Ryan Chafee 69 Unranked last year
29 NA Jeremy Berg 66 Unranked last year
30 NA Tyler DeLoach 60 Unranked last year
31 NA Michael Fish 54 32nd Round
32 NA Sherman Johnson 47 -5
33 NA Kramer Sneed 45 Yankees, Vernon Wells trade
34 NA Zach Wright 43 Unranked last year
35 NA Jonah Wesely 42 11th Round
36 NA Eduard Santos 39 Unranked last year
37 NA Mario Martinez 33 Unranked last year
37 NA Alex Keudell 33 Signed off waivers
37 NA Kevin Johnson 33 Unranked last year
40 NA Victor Alcantara 31 Unranked last year
40 NA Arjenis Fernandez 31 Unranked last year
42 NA Joey Krehbiel 30 Unranked last year
42 NA Mike Piazza 30 Unranked last year
44 NA Eduar Lopez 29 Unranked last year
45 NA Brian Moran 28 Blue Jays, International Draft cap space
46 NA Ismael Dionicio 27 Dominican IFA
47 NA Abel Baker 26 Unranked last year
48 NA Cory Rasmus 24 Braves, Scott Downs
48 NA Jett Bandy 24 Unranked last year
50 NA Wade Hinkle 19 -21
51 NA Daniel Tillman 17 -35
51 NA Nate Smith 17 8th Round
53 NA Eswarlin Jimenez 16 -33
54 NA Eric Cendejas 15 Unranked last year
55 NA Andrew Heid 14 Unranked last year
56 NA Jonathan Van Eaton 12 Undrafted free agent
57 NA Stephen McGee 9 9th Round
58 NA Miguel Hermosillo 7 28th Round
59 NA Lianmy Galan 6 Dominican IFA

2013 prospects not on 2014 list


Kole Calhoun, #9
Luis Jimenez, #12
Andrew Romine, #19
Michael Roth, #27


Randal Grichuk, #5 - To the Cardinals in the David Freese trade
A.J. Schugel, #15 - To the Diamondbacks in the Mark Trumbo trade


Nick Mutz, #20

Claimed on waivers:

Travis Witherspoon, #12 - Claimed by the Mariners

Dropped Off:

Wendell Soto, #20
Jonathan Walsh, #26
Chevy Clarke, #30

Visual Representation

Here is a chart of the Angels' top prospects. The error bars represent the minimum and maximum ranking for each prospect.


It appears that clicking the above graphic makes it slightly larger

. . .

Chris St. John is a writer at Beyond The Box Score. You can follow him on Twitter at @stealofhome.