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2014 Colorado Rockies Consensus Top 38 Prospects

What is the consensus ranking for each of the Rockies' top prospects?

First round pick Jonathan Gray tops the Rockies' list
First round pick Jonathan Gray tops the Rockies' list
Doug Pensinger

Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.

-Proverbs 11:14

Prospect lists are a tricky animal. Every prospect guru has his or her own biases, favorite prospects, sources, and philosophy, leading to quite a variety in the placement of specific players on his or her list. I like making lists and I like prospects, but I'm no scout and I have no inside connections, so my list wouldn't hold any particular weight. Instead of spending loads of time ranking the players with my own biases, I decided a few years ago to instead assemble a consensus list for each team. You can view all of the previous lists here. Hopefully this will bring safety from a multitude of counselors.

How do I do this? Each time a prospect appears on a list, he gets a number of points (36 minus his ranking). The prospect with the largest amount of points is ranked first.

This year, I made a few changes to the list. First off, I included as many lists as I could possibly find. This includes list from team-specific sites, not just from sites that post a list for every team. Second, I created a separate list for fantasy rankings. Fantasy baseball sites rank their prospects with a different flavor and so there are two rankings: one for real baseball and one for fantasy.

You can also view the 2013 Colorado Rockies top prospect list.


Regular Lists

Baseball America

Baseball Prospectus

Batting Leadoff

Bleacher Report


Grading on the Curve

Keith Law (ESPN)

MLB Draft Insider

MLB Prospect Portal

Prospect Digest

Purple Row


Top Prospect Alert

Fantasy Lists

Dynasty Sports Empire

Fake Teams

Prospect 361


The List

The "Change" column describes how the prospect’s status changed from 2013. A positive number means the prospect moved up in the list, while a negative number means he moved down.

Here is a spreadsheet that contains all of the 2014 Colorado Rockies top prospect rankings in one place. I have removed Keith Law's as his lists require a subscription, though his list is included in the final tally.

Rank FRank Player Total FTo Change
1 1 Jonathan Gray 454 140 1st Round
2 2 Eddie Butler 442 135 6
3 3 David Dahl 422 130 -2
4 4 Rosell Herrera 412 125 13
5 11 Chad Bettis 373 31 0
6 4 Kyle Parker 371 125 -2
7 7 Tom Murphy 370 111 6
8 6 Trevor Story 364 114 -6
9 10 Ryan McMahon 340 84 2nd Round
10 8 Raimel Tapia 315 88 Unranked last year
11 9 Tyler Anderson 135 85 -5
12 NA Tyler Matzek 111 -5
13 NA Jayson Aquino 66 -3
14 NA Alex Balog 59 Comp B
15 NA Antonio Senzatela 57 Unranked last year
16 NA Ryan Casteel 54 Unranked last year
17 NA Ryan Warner 52 5
18 NA Danny Winkler 47 6
19 NA Cristhian Adames 45 5
20 12 Tim Wheeler 35 26 -9
21 NA Wilfredo Rodriguez 34 0
22 NA Terry McClure 33 8th Round
23 NA Raul Fernandez 24 Unranked last year
24 NA Jose Briceno 22 Unranked last year
25 NA Julian Yan 21 2
26 NA Sam Moll 19 3rd Round
26 NA Emerson Jimenez 19 Unranked last year
28 NA Dom Nunez 17 6th Round
29 NA Pat Valaika 15 9th Round
30 NA Taylor Featherston 14 Unranked last year
31 12 Jordan Patterson 13 26 4th Round
32 NA Will Swanner 12 -23
33 NA Max White 11 Unranked last year
34 NA Christian Bergman 10 Unranked last year
35 NA Carlos Herrera 4 Venezuelan IFA
36 NA Scott Oberg 3 Unranked last year
37 NA Joel Payamps 2 Unranked last year
38 NA Erick Julio 1 Colombian IFA

2013 prospects not on 2014 list


Nolan Arenado, #3
Ryan Wheeler, #15
Corey Dickerson, #16
Charlie Culberson, #20
Rob Scahill, #23

Dropped off:

Peter Tago, #17
Joe Gardner, #19
Danny Rosenbaum, #24

Placed on waivers:

Edwar Cabrera, #12 - Claimed by the Rangers
Rafael Ortega, #14 - Claimed by the Rangers

Visual Representation

Here is a chart of the Rockies' prospect rankings. The error bars represent the minimum and maximum rankings for each prospect.


It appears that clicking the above graphic makes it slightly larger

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Chris St. John is a writer at Beyond The Box Score. You can follow him on Twitter at @stealofhome.