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Free Agency Calculator's Top 100 Free Agents

After running every incoming free agent through the free agency calculator, here is the list of the 100 best.

Jonathan Papelbon signs with the Philadelphia Phillies
Jonathan Papelbon signs with the Philadelphia Phillies
Len Redkoles

Now that my Free Agency Calculator has hit the Internet, I'll release the top 100 free agents and their corresponding average annual values according to the calculator. Just like before, this list only includes domestic free agents, so international players such as Yasmani Tomas and Kenta Maeda are excluded.

Similarly, remember that these prices reflect what free agents should be signing for in free agency, not what they will be signing for. All components of fWAR are included in the calculation of the dollar values. Therefore, player traits such as power, defense, and OBP are equally considered, and market context is nulled. For more on how this was all done, check out the original article on the right.

The table below is sorted by dollar value by default so as to rank the free agents by how much they should earn. To determine who the best free agents are at the present moment, sorting by Weighted fWAR, or wWAR, is the better choice. For a more future-value based look, Free Agency Score (FAS) should be used to assess their rankings because it factors age into consideration.

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All data courtesy of FanGraphs.

Justin Perline is a writer for Beyond the Box Score and The Wild Pitch. You can follow him on Twitter at @jperline.