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Lineouts! 08/19/13: Scherzer wins again, Ellsbury market, and Dempster's control

Good morning everyone. Welcome back to another edition of Lineouts!

Jared Wickerham

MLB Hot Topics

Weekend Buzz: How can you not see Dodgers winning the NL pennant? by Scott Miller -- CBS Sports

If you missed any baseball or headlines over the weekend Scott Miller recaps the weekend in this article. All the news from the Dodgers streak, to Miguel Cabrera, Starlin Castro's continuing mental lapses, and Charlie Manuel's departure.

Scherzer improves to 18-1, temporarily ties single-season winning percentage record by Cliff Corcoran -- Sports Illustrated

Many of us into advanced data rarely take into account a pitchers win/loss record, but when a player starts getting into the territory Scherzer is, it still is quite impressive. All year Shcerzer has been the Tigers best starter, and arguably the best starter in the American League, while keeping the Tigers remotely in every game he starts.

Boston’s Ryan Dempster hits Alex Rodriguez but fails to get vengeance by David Brown -- Yahoo Sports

Ryan Dempster facing A-Rod in the top of the second on Sunday night, threw at him on four consecutive pitches, while finally hitting him on the 3-0 pitch. Joe Girardi was the only one ejected as he was irate over the situation because Dempster wasn't ejected. From this article it shows that Dempster might have had thoughts of this match-up for quite sometime, saying that he would drill him the first chance he got.

The Sabermetrics Community

Who Wants Jacoby Ellsbury? by Paul Swydan -- FanGraphs

Ellsbury has had less than half the plate appearances than Alex Rodriguez did at the end of his 20's. Many may think that Ellsbury is a huge injury risk, but he has been one of the better players since the start of 2011. Ellsbury in 2013 is fourth in WAR among center fielders and 14th among position players, where defense and base running add a lot to his value. Paul takes a look at who could be in for Ellsbury this off-season, and also who will look to stay away from the potentially large contract.

The best pitcher in the American League is… by Chad Dotson -- The Hardball Times

Max Scherzer before his start Sunday only had the sixth best ERA in the league, meanwhile the advanced metrics show that Scherzer has indeed pitched better than that. Only Felix Hernandez, who Scherzer is battling for the AL Cy Young had a better WAR than him so far in the AL. Felix is leading the AL in all advanced metrics and looks to be the clear favorite right now for the award. Dotson though doesn't forget about Yu Darvish who right now has the second highest K/9 in MLB history.

New at SBNation MLB

The young, struggling first basemen who aren't struggling anymore by Grant Brisbee -- Baseball Nation

Grant takes a look at the young promising first baseman, who struggled early on in the 2013 but have recently turned things around. Brisbee takes a look at Eric Hosmer, Brandon Belt, and Justin Smoak, who have all been tearing the cover off the ball since the beginning of May.

Stephen Strasburg ejected from heated Nationals-Braves game by Connor Moylan -- SB Nation

Strasburg on Saturday night looked as if he had enough of the Braves pitchers taking aim at the National young superstar Bryce Harper. Stephen threw at arguably the Brave best player in Justin Upton three different times, and eventually hit him in the left hip with a pitch which led to Strasburg getting ejected. Everyone is praising Strasburg for his leadership, and his willingness to stick up for his teammate.

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All statistics courtesy of FanGraphs.

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