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Lineouts! 08/16/13: Simmons' defense, Orioles' closer, and more replay

Good morning everyone. Welcome back to another edition of Lineouts!

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Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Hot Topics

Selig: 'Historic day' for instant replay in MLB by Bob Nightengale -- USA Today Sports

The owners and the league agreed upon a replay system that should be implemented by the beginning of 2014. The system will include three managers' challenges throughout the game, with only one before the sixth, and the remaining two beginning in the seventh inning. It was said to be widely accepted by various owners, so this system will be in place after the owners meeting in November.

We're witnessing greatness by Jayson Stark -- ESPN

When I first saw Miguel Cabrera in 2003 against the Cubs in the NLCS when I was a kid, everybody was talking about how great of a player he could be. Now, ten years later, an AL scout has said that we are watching one of the greatest right handed hitters to ever play the game, and I believe him. When we watch him we should not take it for granted, since a player like this only comes once in a while.

Selig says 'baseball needs a resolution' to Rays' ballpark problem by Mike Axisa -- CBS Sports

Bud Selig says he is going to send somebody from his office down to Tampa to negotiate with the team and the city of St. Petersburg. The Rays are currently trying to get approval to look for other buildings to play in, but talks haven't progressed, and the Rays are still stuck with the worst attendance still in the league.

The Sabermetrics Community

Is Andrelton Simmons Having the Best Defensive Season Ever? by Jeff Sullivan -- FanGraphs

Andrelton Simmons is quickly earning himself recognition as one of the gam'es top defenders, and doing it at one of the most important defensive positions. Sullivan breaks down Simmons' year, and one of his strengths is his arm strength, something the Braves must have hoped for when the converted him from pitcher. You have to think that they've gotten even more from Simmons than they hoped.

Timely bats aid Dodgers' historic hot stretch by ESPN Stats & Info

The Dodgers' hot stretch has been due to a lot of different factors and contributors. Adrian Gonzalez has one of the league's highest WPA (Win Probability Added), Puig is mashing, Mark Ellis is providing both wood and leather, and the team still features one of the best pitchers in the game in Clayton Kershaw.

Miguel Cabrera’s Most Incredible Strength by Jeff Sullivan -- FanGraphs

Pitchers should use caution when pitching Miguel Cabrera inside, as he is more likely to hit a homer on a pitch outside the strike zone inside than any other hitter in the league. The one he hit out against Phil Hughes this past Saturday was more than a foot inside, and he still turned on it. Sullivan gives us more of a insight on how great Cabrera really is.

New at SBNation MLB

Talking Sabermetrics: Astros Defensive Range by CRPerry3 --The Crawfish Boxes

The Crawfish Boxes has been a great go-to for sabermetric articles including this one, which takes a look at the Astros defensively through multiple defensive metrics. This is a very good read for anybody into in-depth articles, and great research beyond the basic numbers.

Have the Orioles seen enough of Jim Johnson? by Rob Neyer -- SB Nation

I believe it is just a matter of time before Tommy Hunter gets the closer's role for the Orioles, as anyone who can throw a 95 mph cutter should be slated for closing games. The one odd thing about Hunter though is that he doesn't have a particularly high K%, which could lead to Darren O'Day taking over instead. For now though, Orioles fans have to worry about Jim Johnson each time he comes in, since he isn't finding the same success he had in 2012.

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All statistics courtesy of FanGraphs.

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