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SaberSphere 7/9: Players of the Month, Nolasco, & Adam Dunn

Tuesday's SaberSphere isn't heavy on content, but it's got some great content for the Sabermetrician in you.

Adam Dunn
Adam Dunn

Tuesday's look around the world of baseball analytics.

Previously on Beyond the Box Score

The numerous awards handed out by Major League Baseball include player of the week and player of the month awards. After last year's AL MVP battle between Trout and Cabrera, Julian decided to look at whether those players who have won the player of the month award in the past deserved it when looking at the situation through a Sabermetric eye.

Have you checked out the latest addition to the BTBS daily lineup? It's called first pitch, and it gives the reader a synopsis of sorts of the previous days action from around the league. It's a great way to get your Sabermetric analysis and daily baseball results in at the same place.

Ricky Nolasco has a new home, going from Miami to Los Angeles. Before the consummation of the deal, Andrew did a bit of analysis of Nolasco, his value, and possible landing spots. While the latter issue has been settled, did the Marlins get anything worthy back in the deal, and how much help could Nolasco provide the Dodgers in the coming months?

Around the Sabersphere

From a pitching perspective numerous philosophies abound concerning the best manner to get batters out. One longtime adage says that pitchers must throw inside, at least some of the time, to keep hitters from looking only towards the outer half of the plate, but as R.J. discusses, some of the most successful pitchers in 2013 seem to heavily favor a one-sided approach.

Blake gets around, from Beyond the Box Score now to Fangraphs. Using his Canadian heritage to his advantage, Blake takes the trifecta that has made Adam Dunn's career, and puts it into context.

Bartolo Colon was once involved in a trade that included Cliff Lee, Brandon Phillips, and Grady Sizemore, but that was long ago in a galaxy far far away. Since then he's moved from team to team, finally finding a home in Oakland, where this season he's been phenomenal.

Around SB Nation

The Cubs have moved two players already, but are they truly ready to part with righty Matt Garza? Most assumed it was a forgone conclusion, but not too fast there.

The Marlins received no big name prospects in the deal for RHP Ricky Nolasco, but that doesn't mean the players they attained have no potential future value. Still, the Dodgers retained the bigger names in their system, and Stripling definitely fits that description.

Outside the Sabersphere

We often look back at what was, what could have been, and sometimes to the extent that we forget what the future holds. Still, apparently it isn't all just reliving good ole' times, it could be a truly good thing.