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BtBS Podcast #70: High Stakes

The guys discuss the Mets, All Star Weekend, lay some bets and more!

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Now coming at you Tuesdays and Friday, Bryan Grosnick and Blake Murphy will aim to bring you the best in baseball with a saber-lean, working in a third man in the booth or special guest when we can. We're always open to suggestions, feedback and mailbag questions!

Today's edition runs about 45min (15.1 MB for download). Here's a really thin outline of what we talk about:

*A reader question about Sandy Alderson and the Mets.
*We make bets on All Star Weekend events with high stakes.
*Evan Longoria as a snub.
*Wade Davis' weird batted ball profile.
*Weird stat of the day!
*Much, MUCH more.

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