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MLB Trade Deadline LiveThread

It's a rollicking, rolling MLB Trade Deadline LiveThread!

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Welcome to the Beyond the Box Score LiveThread for all your Trade Deadline needs. Want a bit of analysis on the latest minor deal? Join Transactions Editor Ken Woolums and the rest of the staff right here, for the rest of the day!

UPDATE: 4:19 ET--Twins send C Drew Butera to the Dodgers.


Analysis- Butera has basically no value, so I am not sure why the Dodgers would go acquire him rather than giving up some other pieces to land someone like Navarro.- Ken W

UPDATE: 3:51 ET-- It appears the interest from the Cardinals in Cubs' catcher Dioner Navarro is dwindling per Ken Rosenthal.

Analysis -- Bit of a lost opportunity for the Cubs if the deal really fell through. Navarro was a late pick-up and turning him into anything of value would have been a genius move. Perhaps they feel other teams will jump in. -- Ken W

UPDATE 3:48 ET -- It looks like the trade for Bud Norris is about complete. It should be L.J. Hoes, Josh Hader, and a 2014 competitve balance pick to Houston for Bud Norris.

Analysis- I've already mentioned how little value I think 2nd-round comp picks have, so that's really just a throw in in the deal. However, I did not expect Hader in this deal and now feel that Baltimore end the deadline as the biggest loser. They acquired marginal talent and gave up quite a bit. I like the potential in Delmonico, Hoes, and Hader.- Ken W

UPDATE 3:39 ET – The Baltimore Orioles have acquired starting pitcher Bud Norris from the Houston Astros in exchange for outfielder L.J. Hoes and "another piece" according to Ken Rosenthal.

Analysis -- Hoes was already too much for Norris, so I'm concerned over what the second piece is. Baltimore's deadline strategy is a complete mystery. So far they've traded plenty of control and youth -- Arrieta, Strop, Hoes, and Delmonico -- for Norris, Feldman, and K-Rod. They've given up two of their top ten prospects at this deadline and haven't acquired any impact talent. One has to wonder if there is added pressure to gain wins for the playoff push, because so far they have added about a couple wins in value spread over three different players. -- Ken W

UPDATE 3:31 ET -- The Kansas City Royals have acquired Justin Maxwell from the Houston Astros, according to Steve Adams at MLB Trade Rumors. According to Bob Dutton, the Astros will get minor-league starter Kyle Smith.

Analysis -- Kansas City appears to be aiming for a Maxwell/Lough platoon in right field. Maxwell doesn't have a lot of value, but he has a career .836 OPS against left-handed pitching. He's also a plus fielder in the outfield, so it makes Kansas City to add him for pennies. -- Ken W

UPDATE 3:30 ET -- It looks like the Orioles could be frontrunners for Bud Norris, according to Ken Rosenthal.

Analysis -- Watch for rumors on the return for Norris. People keep saying the Astros are seeking a lot, but I'm not sure what "a lot" means. His strikeouts are way down this year, and even though he's not making a lot, I can't imagine he goes for much. This trade will be a good barometer of just how much teams value control versus performance.- Ken W

UPDATE 3:16 ET -- The Arizona Diamondbacks have reportedly traded starting pitcher Ian Kennedy to the San Diego Padres for relief pitcher Joe Thatcher, minor league relief pitcher Matt Stites, and a compensation B round pick, according to Chris Cotillo at MLB Daily Dish.

Analysis -- This deal has to be questioned on Arizona's side. They sold low on a cost-controlled starter who is just two years removed from a very strong season. He's making pennies on the dollar and likely won't win much of anything in arbitration after this season. Trading him for a LOOGY and a couple of minor pieces is a puzzling move. -- Ken W.

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