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SaberSphere 7/30: Trade Deadline, Josh Gibson, & CC Sabathia

Tuesday's SaberSphere is back again. Today you'll be happy to know that we cover not only the impending trade deadline and it's accompanying rumors, but also some great pieces on pitchers moving in different directions, as well as some great information on Edwin Encarnacion.

Scott Downs
Scott Downs
Jeff Gross

Tuesday's SaberSphere has everything you want to know from the last few days in the baseball world.

Previously on Beyond the Box Score

It's no secret, the Yankees "ace" has been subpar, verging on bad, in his recent outings. Sabathia has been a workhorse for the Yankees, but if they have any chance of pushing into the playoffs, it will revolve around Sabathia and fellow righty Hiroki Kuroda. Alex gives us the skinny on Sabathia from a PITCHf/x point of view.

The trade deadline is this Wednesday, and with names flying all over the SaberSphere, as well as other internet-based mediums of baseball news and knowledge, it's important not to get too flustered trying to comprehend each move made. That's where Ken picks things up, giving us a clean look at who switched teams yesterday, how it happened, and most importantly why the deal got done.

Speaking of the trade deadline, the last week in July allows for more speculation across the baseball world than at any other time throughout the year. Some speculation comes with the added bonus of legitimate knowledge, but not all. The Cubs have proven busy recently, getting deals done many days prior to the deadline, but does that mean they're done? If not, who could be the next piece to fall?

Around the Sabersphere

For those of you who know Blake from BTBS, he's now writing for Fangraphs as well, and he never stops putting out solid content. In this short yet poignant piece, Blake looks into Edwin Encarnacion, the former Red and now Blue Jays slugger, who has had quite the impressive season, for last place Toronto in the AL East.

Baseball Prospectus likes to put themselves in the shoes of others, and rarely has it not turned into a great series or singular article. The site's series of mock arbitration hearings alone should pull you towards reading a piece like this one in which the staff divvies up parts in the play that is the trade deadline, and attempts to make a deal for White Sox pitcher Jake Peavy.

Remember the many articles written about Tommy Hanson, the once well thought of righty for the Braves, concerning a mechanical failure that led to a scary drop in velocity. It turned out that his performance suffered, but according to Kyle, things may be changing for Hanson, and this time in a more positive direction.

Around SB Nation

MLB Network remains fairly green in the grand scheme of sports coverage, but due to their vast resources the channel has kept baseball fans informed on all aspects of news, and has even dipped into the Sabermetrics of the game from time to time. In this piece, Steve looks at how the network covers the trade deadline, maybe it's more of a frenzy there than in front offices.

Josh Gibson was one of the best baseball players ever. Rob and his friends made a stop in Pittsburgh to see the great catcher's grave, pay homage, and obligatorily discuss the what-ifs involved in Gibson never playing in the Major Leagues due to his race. Rob picks up the story from there.

Trades, especially at this time of the year, often involve a veteran going one way and young prospect going another. The Royals are no strangers to such deals, having made a significant one this past offseason. With the team still struggling to play even above .500, Clark take a look at the idea of trading prospects from a Royals point of view.

Outside the Sabersphere

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