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SaberSphere 7/2: Chris Davis, All-Stars, and Carlos Marmol

The All-Star break is approaching, and BTBS has some more picks, but here on the SaberSphere we have more for you. We take a trip to discuss who hits the worst pitches, why Chris Davis is so good, and introduce some game summary information BTBS style.


Tuesday's SaberSphere has information galore, a lot about great hitters and awesome hitting.

Previously on Beyond the Box Score

We at Beyond the Box Score have been tallying up the votes amongst the writers to see who should objectively be chosen for the All-Star squads. We've gone through the starters and now we give you the reserves, along with a big of analysis on each player from our esteemed editor in chief.

We here at BTBS generally dabble in hard statistical analysis of baseball using progressive and rational thought, but every so often we reach out into the world of prospect analysis. That isn't to say the two don't overlap often, and Chris St. John has taken to analyzing and compiling a nice list of young hitters.

First Pitch is a new addition to the BTBS lineup that will become a regular staple. Bryan has outlined it for us here. Essentially, we'll go over the previous days action in the Majors, but do so through the lens of an analytic eye, the type of post-game analysis that you who read BTBS daily want to see.

Around the Sabersphere

Russell asks good questions, and this time he's taken a shot at the idea of off days. Ever since baseball went to 162 games a season, players have been taking what they can to stay alert and ready despite a big west coast swing, and the assigned days off become their only rest time. Now, with so many early season rain delays and the makeups that come with them, it becomes important for managers to take more care with off days for players. So what do the numbers tell us?

Chris Davis has been amazing this season. Our own Max Weinstein discussed some of this recently, but Jeff Sullivan puts a nice frame on the ridiculous numbers Chris Davis has been putting up. At this point of the season nothing has been more fun than perusing through Crush Davis or Miguel Cabrera's numbers; both hitters have been phenomenal.

Continuing the trend of articles that discuss great hitters, the boys over at Baseball Analytics use their cool heat map tools to give us a look at which hitters hit the worst pitches the best. O-contact and O-swing percentage matter when determining good hitting, and this is a solid look into that aspect of the art of swinging the stick.

Around SB Nation

We talk often about sample sizes, and one sample that has come up recently is the midway point through the season. At the very least, it's a good time to take stock, maybe look behind us and then look towards the 2nd half. Rob has us covered in that area.

The Cubs will most likely find themselves needing extra phone lines when the trade deadline approaches, due to the high concentration of inquiries coming their way. Still, first things first, and Carlos Marmol had to go. Fortunately, when there's an overpaid player on the market, the Dodgers step in, basically read to bail out bad contracts on the off chance that said player finds the ability to perform once again.

Outside the Sabersphere

As a recent newbie runner, I've tried to learn as much as I can about it so as not to make mistakes. Still, we all get injuries, so if you are like me, you should read this.