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SaberSphere 7/19: Lowe, Leyland, and Rookies

Your daily dose of saber links.

Kevin C. Cox

After what felt like an eternity, we finally have actual Major League baseball again! And to prepare you for a full slate of games, we bring you the best saber links from around the internet. Enjoy!

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Around the Sabersphere

  • Derek Lowe says farewell by Alex Remington FanGraphs

    With the announcement of Derek Lowe's retirement yesterday, Alex looks back at his career. As a Red Sox fan I will always appreciate Lowe's no-hitter and his contributions to the 2004 World Series Team, but even I could not recall how good he was throughout his time in the big leagues.

  • Top-50 MLB prospects update by Keith Law ESPN Insider ($)

    Now that the ASG festivities are behind us, Keith updates his prospect list with commentary on each player on the list.

  • The All-Vindication Team by Ken Funck Baseball Prospectus ($)

    As fans and analysts, we certainly are permitted to questions some of the acquisitions or extensions made by big league clubs. Many times though, it turns out that those moves didn't warrant our skepticism in the first place. Yesterday Ken picked a team made up of those instances including the likes of James Loney and Raul Ibanez.

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Outside the Sabersphere

  • With how often my links in this space are music related, I hope the general consensus is, "Alright, another music link!" and not, "Oh, another music link.." Regardless, here's a link to Blue of Colors new album stream. It's a solo project the lead singer from the band Punchline, an awesome rock group from Pittsburgh, PA. And to tease the stream, here's my favorite song off of the new album: