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SaberSphere 7/17: First Half MVPs, Jose Fernandez & Biogenesis

Who were the first half MVPs? Jose Fernandez defected from Cuba as a teenager and risen to a MLB All-Star at 20 years old. 500 game suspensions may be on the table for players involved Biogenesis? Only two days until more baseball!!


All-Star festivities are coming to the close and baseball is only two days away! Before the second half of the season begins, who were the most valuable players? Jose Fernandez can't legally drink in the States but he's already endured a long and dangerous defection from Cuba and been crowned an MLB All-Star. Michael Weiner talked to reporters yesterday and unveiled some interesting notes about the ongoing Biogenesis investigation.

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  • Marlins rookie pitcher Jose Fernandez on his journey from Cuban defector to MLB All-Star by Jordan Conn | Grantland
    Fellow Cuban defector, Yoenis Cespedes, just dominated the Homerun Derby but there's another player who has a very inspiring story of perseverance in Jose Fernandez. Not turning 21 until July 31st, Fernandez was stunningly promoted from High-A to the majors by the Marlins in April but has seemingly gotten better as the season progressed. His journey from Cuba to the majors was long and tough but he's already succeeding at a major league level at just 20 years old.

  • It's Time for Some AL Midseason Awards by Jonah Keri | Grantland
    Jonah Keri highlights the midseason Most Valuable and Least Valuable Player as well as the Cy Young for the American League. Also included are awards for the team who has been the biggest surprise this season and most disappointing. Looking towards the second half, Jonah predicts that the Yankees are going to fall off while the Tigers will surge.

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