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SaberSphere 7/16: HR Derby, Clutch Hitting, and Altuve

Tuesday's All-Star Break SaberSphere is here, and packing a punch.


It's All-Star Game day! But before the festivities begin, have some links.

Previously on Beyond the Box Score

In recent history, teams hoping to keep costs down while simultaneously keeping talented players have taken the gamble at giving out contracts to either players who have been unproven or semi-proven. With the Astros rebuilding, the team from Houston falls into this category, and their squat, yet productive second baseman Jose Altuve is the latest player to get one of these contracts. Ken explains.

The Home Run Derby constitutes a major aspect of the MLB All-Star break, and Chris St. John has analyzed this momentous, yet gimmicky event in the eyes of the Sabermetrician.

First Pitch delivers all the action in the Majors from the day before, and our fearless leader Bryan had dedicated himself to bringing you all the highlights. Don't miss it.

Around the Sabersphere

The analytics of baseball players grab our attention most of the time, but often it's interesting to try and quantify and analyze partially related baseball news. Sam Miller has been an expert in this field, and continues his research by looking at those who watch baseball for pleasure.

One of my favorite topics on the SaberSphere right now concerns clutch hitting, hitting with runners in scoring position, and pitching with runners in scoring position. Jeff Sullivan usually tackles fun and tough questions, and this is one of them.

Over at Baseball Analytics the writers use some of the most visibly appealing analytics, and in this sense, the site had decided to take a look at who performs best when down in the count.

Around SB Nation

Let's delve into the notion of cheating and performance enhancing substances and what comes of the whole ordeal. It's in the news and worth the read.

Should home field advantage factor into the All-Star game? Does it make the game more exciting and relevant or should the league get rid of it?

Outside the Sabersphere

He's in the news, making news, and giving us perspective, so does he deserve a peace prize?