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SaberSphere 7/10: No-Hitters, Bartolo Colon & Biogenesis Suspensions

Are no-hitters being celebrated because fans always have or should we reevaluate what makes up an exciting performance? Is it time to respect Bartolo Colon and the A's? And Biogenesis suspensions may be looming for over 20 players. All this and more in Wednesday's SaberSphere!

Joe Robbins

Are we celebrating no-hitters because it's an antique tradition or should we reevaluate what's considered a dominating performance? Bartolo Colon barely strikes anyone out, practically has one pitch and is 40 years old but still has an ERA under 2.70. Is it time to respect his performance? Biogenesis suspensions are looming and some players may have a rather stressful All-Star break wondering about potential bans handed down by the MLB. Here's a collection of the best articles that you may have missed around the SaberSphere!

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Around the Sabersphere

  • Time to respect Bartolo Colon and the Oakland Athletics by David Schoenfield | ESPN SweetSpot
    Bartolo Colon is 40 years old, listed at 265 pounds and is the sole Oakland representative at the All-Star game. Now with a 2.69 ERA and the second lowest walk rate in the league, David Schoenfield suggests that we should take Colon seriously by illustrating his dominating approach against left handed batters.

  • Jonathan Papelbon: Buyer Beware by Paul Swydan | FanGraphs Baseball
    The Phillies signed Cinco-Ocho to the largest deal for a reliever in 2011 and he has performed as expected, saving 88% of his appearances through 2012 and half of 2013. Now that the Phillies are looking to be sellers this offseason, there doesn't seem to be much need for a overpaid top tier closer. But is Papelbon still elite? Paul Swydan writes that buyers should be wary of trading for him due to declining velocity. His pitch selection and location haven't altered and he's still missing a decent amount of bats but he isn't putting away batters like he once was.

Around SB Nation

  • MLB Biogenesis scandal: Suspensions imminent, per report by Satchel Price |
    Major League Baseball is apparently prepared to suspend Ryan Braun, Alex Rodriguez and about 20 other players that may or may not include players found in Biogenesis documents such as Everth Cabrera and Nelson Cruz. Since the Biogenesis owner, Anthony Bosch, began cooperating with the MLB, there now appears to be enough evidence to expose some players as PED users. Supposedly, the commissioner's office is going to bring the hammer down on Braun and Rodriguez with 100-game suspensions. These bans are believed to be handed down sometime after the All-Star break but the MLB Players Association will surely appeal. This is actually happening.

  • Giants sign Jeff Francoeur, make some sort of artistic statement by Grant Brisbee | McCovey Chronicles
    The San Francisco Giants have signed Jeff Francoeur. Are they going to platoon him with Hunter Pence, Gregor Blanco or Andres Torres? After an extra innings loss to the Mets and being no-hit by Homer Bailey, Grant wonders if the Giants have finally reached rock bottom with the Frenchy acquisition.

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