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SaberSphere 06/04: Prospects, Coello, Puig, & Thunder

Tuesday is here, and it wouldn't be Tuesday without the Sabersphere. Today's sphere touches on this week's baseball theme, the MLB draft. Don't fret, we also discuss a new pitch, how the Padres are winning and losing, and how some cleaning up baseball has led to differences in roster makeup.


Tuesday's look around the online baseball world takes you from the upcoming draft, to San Diego, maybe up to LA, and ending in Yankees Stadium.

Previously on Beyond the Box Score

Chris St. John is back with another gem. This time he's gone with upcoming events, in that his topic concerns prospects, and this coming Thursday begins the 2013 MLB rule-4 draft. Chris wonders whether top ranked prospects actually produce the most value on a year-to-year basis.

Most baseball pundits analyze the teams with on the poles, the best and worst. We compare the results to our predictions, wondering why the teams thought to succeed have suffered and the vice versa. Well, I took a different approach, and instead looked at a mediocre team that was expected to perform as such, and looked at what they have done well, and what they haven't.

Heard of Angels' reliever Robert Coello? Well if not you probably haven't heard of his weirdo forkball-like pitch that seems to baffle many MLB hitters. Lee introduces us to this discussion, and doing so in style.

Around the Sabersphere

When Peter Gammons speaks I usually listen, although I don't always agree. Still, in his latest piece into the Baseballanalytics blog, Gammons uses the recent myriad of weather-affected games to discuss a recent trend among baseball rosters. This piece is pithy, insightful, and makes a great point, three aspects of a great article.

Check the standings, the Buccos, Red Birds, and Red Legs have three of the best records in baseball, and while the AL East remains quite competitive, could there be change in the baseball winds? The good people at ESPN Stats & Info department take an analytic approach to this trend.

Around SB Nation

The Dodgers cannot catch a break. Makes you think of another LA sports franchise that compiled a lot of "stars" and got hit hard by the injury bug. Still, the Dodgers franchise does have a history of drafting well and signing some of the best amateur prospects, and that includes recent call up Yasiel Puig.

Did you see Sunday night baseball this past weekend? Well the Yankees played the Red Sox and both teams competed against the rain. Well, the grounds crew competed, while some of the players, uh, ran away?

Outside the Sabersphere

I listen to the Freakonomics podcast often, it's great while on the elliptical. The most recent piece from Dubner and Levitt is about tipping, something we all deal with.