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SaberSphere 06/02: Podcast, Game Delays, and a Shark

If you want to hear the voice of a future movie star then listen to the BtBS podcast and if you are more of the reading type then be sure to check out all that today's edition of the SaberSphere has to offer.

Brian Kersey

This past week on BtBS our team of crack writers took a look at Jeff Samardzija's success, whether all stadiums should have a retractable roof, and then of course the BtBS podcast with Blake Murphy and Bryan Grosnick.

Previously on Beyond the Box Score

Around the Sabersphere

Around SB Nation

  • Dodgers promote Yasiel Puig to majors - By Chris Cotillo - MLB Daily Dish
    Things have not gone very well for the Los Angeles Dodgers this season and they are hoping that promoting Puig to the majors, after he's been dominating Double-A, will give them the spark they need to right the ship. All eyes will be on him when he makes his Major League debut Monday.

  • Inventing a new category of bad trade for Chris Davis - By Grant Brisbee - Baseball Nation
    Chris Davis has been getting so much attention lately for simply doing what was expected of him when he was first brought up and had an amazing rookie season in 2008. The Rangers got impatient with him and he just didn't get enough regular playing time, nor the vote of confidence many young players need, to become the player he is now with the Baltimore Orioles. Oh, and he also just hit 20 home runs faster than any Oriole in franchise history.

  • Minor League Ball Community Mock Draft: AL East Results - By John Sickels - Minor League Ball
    Looking through some of the mock drafts this one has me smiling a bit because if the real draft turns out anything like the mock draft for any of these teams I think you'll see a lot of smiles from the front office and fan bases -- especially if this is what happens for the Baltimore Orioles.

Outside the Sabersphere

Awwwww yeah!