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SaberSphere 6/26: Home Runs, Draft Picks and awOBA

Where in the strike zone are the most damaging home runs being hit? Should teams be looking elsewhere to really maximize their return on draft picks? And how would a player's wOBA change if it was adjusted for the quality of opposition? All this and more in Wednesday's jam packed SaberSphere!

Victor Decolongon

Ever wonder where the pitches that ended up being home runs were located and how fast the ball came off the bat? Yes? Then, Chris has got a great visualization for you! With most of the first round draft picks being signed by now, how valuable are they? Is there room for teams to maximize their return? Quality of opposition differs throughout the MLB so how does it affect a hitter's wOBA? Max introduces a new adjusted statistic: awOBA.

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  • Let's Watch A Flyers Beat Writer Throw Ilya Bryzgalov Under The Bus by Barry Petchesky | Deadspin
    The Flyers announced that they are using their second compliance buyout on Ilya Bryzgalov today. As an avid Flyers fan, there was a pretty noticeable difference in opinion about Bryz at games, in conversation and on the web. You either hated him or loved him. The Philadelphia media is known for being ridiculously tough at times, especially on the Flyers. This article showcases an absolutely embarrassing example of sports journalism at its worst. I don't understand how writers like this can continue to be employed or garner any kind of reader base. As a fan who lives in Philadelphia and attends countless Phillies and Flyers games every year, the reputation that has been painted is an extreme caricature that hangs over our heads. To writers like this, please stop and realize that the athletes that you're covering are people too. Are the Flyers going to have to overpay (even more than they usually do) just to convince players to deal with the conniving and cold-hearted media?