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BtBS Podcast #66 - Picking Aces

The guys discuss the best 2-man and 4-man pitching combos in the league and much more.

Now coming at you Tuesdays and Friday, Bryan Grosnick and Blake Murphy will aim to bring you the best in baseball with a saber-lean, working in a third man in the booth or special guest when we can. We're always open to suggestions, feedback and mailbag questions!

Today's edition runs about 60min (19.7 MB for download). Here's a really thin outline of what we talk about:

*Wheeler's debut.
*Which 2-man SP pair would you choose for 1yr, 5yrs? 4-man group?
*Guys who hit no infield flies and why.
*The Ranger's Jurickson Profar situation.
*Weird stat of the day!
*Much, MUCH more.

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