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SaberSphere 6/18: Clutch Bullpens, The Padres, and Homer Bailey

Tuesday's the day after Monday and falls just 4 days short of the weekend. Tuesday's a great day to check out the Sabersphere, as it takes you from discussions on relief pitchers, to hitter volatility, to the San Diego Padres, and even mentions some future Hall of Famers.

Denis Poroy

Take a ride on the SaberSphere, it's got a whole lot of great baseball information, so don't miss a link, they all shine.

Previously on Beyond the Box Score

A lot of noise has been made surrounding the Tigers' Jose Valverde and his struggles in the bullpen. Whether that or something else, led Max to take a look at one of the more important aspects of a bullpen, it's members' ability to come through in the clutch.

Significance aside, we study baseball for fun among numerous other reasons, and attempting to play out the outcome of early season numbers falls in that category. You never know, some might pan out, and if your interested, Andrew's got it covered.

We analyze player production in a number of different fashions. We utilize splits of all kinds, but one manner that has recently gained some popularity is to look at the last 365 days of play. Here's some interesting notes on players performing well in the last calendar year.

Around the Sabersphere

BTBS shares Bill Petti with other baseball publications, one of which is Fangraphs. Bill has skills and he puts them to use here, taking a self-made metric, VOL, applying it to the 2013 season.

This past Sunday, the Angels Yankees game ended with Mariano Rivera striking out Albert Pujols, but the at bat has a story to tell. Mark Simon takes a short break from his usual defensive minded focus, taking a stab at this star-studded matchup.

The San Diego Padres are making noise in the NL West, and doing so after no one expected very much from a team supposedly lacking in multiple facets of the game. One BTBS writer broke down the Padres a few weeks ago, but since then the team has morphed even more. Jeff Sullivan makes it his business to tell you why and how.

Around SB Nation

The Mariners recently called up Mike Zunino an SOS from the front office, but Scott Weber discusses the Mariners pitching in his series preview of their upcoming bouts with division for LA. Why is he rooting for one player to fail, but not too much?

Baseball folk enjoy discussions, and to some extent arguments. These sometimes heated debates lead to advancements in the thought surrounding the sport, but it also breads conflict. John discusses the most recent and significant point of conflict in the baseball world, attempting to find some resolution.

Outside the Sabersphere

As a kid I loved the Bill Nye the Science Guy television show, no episode failed to interest me. Now, Bill's taken his talents in a different yet equally impressive direction. He's always been passionate, that's for sure.