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SaberSphere 6/12: Teheran, International Draft & BioGenesis

Julio Teheran was a can't miss prospect until he struggled in his short call up to the majors in 2011 and in Triple-A last year. What has he improved upon and has his potential changed? What impact could the international draft have on the MLB if it was approved? What's next in the BioGenesis investigation?

Denis Poroy

Atlanta's rotation is about to be pretty crowded once Brandon Beachy returns. Julio Teheran's emergence may be surprising to some considering he posted an ERA over five in Triple-A last year. He was once a top prospect but what's led to his improvement in 2013 and what's his potential now? The MLB decided not to have an international draft but what could its impact have been if it was instated? The BioGenesis investigation is heating up so let's separate the facts from opinions and figure out where it may be headed.

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