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SaberSphere 6/11: Hitting Coaches, Beachy, and Sarris

Tuesday's SaberSphere is back and punching hard. We go into the draft, talking about which hot young things never panned out, and discuss the Braves' great problem.


All the baseball news for the Sabermetrics fan in you.

Previously on Beyond the Box Score

Jurickson Profar is 20 years old, Jose Fernandez the same. Young players continue to come to the majors and produce, surprising most, including sometimes the teams for which they play. James takes a look at the other side, the players who debuted before their 21st birthdays who's careers took a turn for the worst.

Prior to, during, and following the MLB draft we throw around so many phrases that concern predicting the future. We aren't fortune tellers, but given the information we have, we aren't far off from wearing a turban and reading palms. What should we know about these projections and forecasts?

Oh it's back, and you shouldn't miss it. The BTBS podcast starring your host Blake Murphy and his trust sidekick, and the fearless leader of the site, Bryan Grosnick. Look out for an Eno Sarris sighting on this edition, and bring your beer goggles.

Around the Sabersphere

The draft has come and gone, and not everyone follows the laborious process throughout. Still, it's a good idea to have some information on one of the more seminal non-playing events of the baseball season. Insider Peter Gammons gives us a good look at this years draft, even talking about the pros and cons of the new system.

The original pizza cutter over at Baseball Prospectus takes a look at the pluses and minuses of replacing a team's hitting coach during the season. Many teams have done this, but to what end?

Recently a lot has been said publicly about the idea of plate discipline and whether the thought of needing to take more pitches at the plate gets into hitters' heads. R.J. discusses the lone wolf of swinging, or lone Cub of swinging, Chicago's young starting shortstop Starlin Castro.

Around SB Nation

Top Dbacks prospect Tyler Skaggs got his feet wet in the pool in right-center field and then quickly got out and headed north to Reno. Despite pitching well, Skaggs has returned to the Minor Leagues hoping for another shot sometime soon.

With Brandon Beachy set to come off of the DL soon, and most of the Braves pitching staff, despite Tim Hudson, pitching well, what do Fredi Gonzalez and Frank Wren do about the plethora of starters? Grant investigates.

Even though most fans outside of Colorado would laugh at the notion of comparing Miguel Cabrera to any other MLB hitter currently playing, Bill Parker asks a legitimate question. He wants to know if the Rockies' shortstop, who has also put together a great first 9 weeks in 2013 holds his own against the so-called "best hitter on the planet".

Outside the Sabersphere

While most kids took daily vitamins, I was always reminded that most people get their daily requisite of vitamins just by eating a fairly regular diet on a day-to-day basis. If one takes a multi-vitamin in addition, you'll just pee the excess out, thus flushing your money literally down the toilet.