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SaberSphere: 5/06: BtBS Podcast, Shaking up the Playoffs, and the Spitball

In this edition of SaberSphere we get into some amazing research done by members of the BtBS staff, Ken Woolums and Lee Trocinski, we look at illegal pitches, and wonder whether Roy Halladay will be pitching in 2014. .

Tom Szczerbowski

Are the Boston Red Sox finally beginning to come back down to Earth? The Kansas City Royals and the Colorado Rockies still have winning records, and has Manny Machado become the best young star in baseball, ahead of Mike Trout and Bryce Harper?

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Around SB Nation

  • Roy Halladay injury: Phillies starter likely headed to disabled list - By Connor Moylan - MLB Daily Dish
    Many have wondered whether Roy Halladay was done, kaput, done as a major league caliber starting pitcher. Now we get word that he's been dealing with a sore shoulder and is going to be visiting Dr. Lewis Yocum the question becomes how long till he returns. Perhaps the better question is this: depending on what news Halladay receives, will he want to return at his age if he faces surgery and a lengthy recovery time?

  • Hall of Fame scores big with scouts - By Rob Neyer - Baseball Nation
    Finally the scouts are getting their due by the Baseball Hall of Fame and Rob Neyer does an excellent job, as usual, and I couldn't be happier for the scouts that have worked so hard over the history of the game. I'm into sabermetrics and some fans seem to believe that there's this big fight between scouts and "numbers" people who live in their mothers' basements. That couldn't be further from the truth because in order to truly understand players and the game you need a good mix of both. I'm glad that scouts are finally being recognized for their contributions to the game because without them we may have never had players such as Mike Trout, Mike Piazza, and even Albert Pujols.

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