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SaberSphere 05/27:WAR, The Draft, and Gausman

There has been some great work published here at Beyond the Box Score over the past week. Things that go into the merits of WAR -- and its alternatives, to the pros and cons of the MLB draft, and the debut of a top prospect.

Tom Szczerbowski

This baseball season has turned out to be another great one as we still have four divisions that are turning out to be three team races, one could possibly become a four team race, and plenty of other story lines to follow such as the debut of Kevin Gausman and the surprise teams of the season so far.

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    • Baseball Savant: Advanced Baseball Statistics
      This is a site I found within the last week that I think is incredibly useful when it comes to research regarding PITCHF/X data, match-ups, and more. After speaking, at length, with Daren Willman -- the creator of this site -- it's obvious that he intends to make this as useful as he possibly can for all of us. I definitely recommend checking it out and giving Daren a follow on Twitter at @darenw.