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SaberSphere 5/22: Bunting, Lineups & The Royals

This Wednesday's SaberSphere is packed with some original research from the BTBS Staff revolving around bunting and lineup styles along with a glimpse into how Patrick Corbin is dominating in 2013. All this and some great articles about the Royals, Johnny Cueto and who's to blame the Dodger's fumbling start.

Mike Ehrmann

There's some serious skill involved in laying down successful bunts, believe it or not. Does an individual's style based on OBP-wOBA have anything to do with making a difference in an optimal batting order? How has Patrick Corbin changed to dominate this year? There's a ton of baseball being written about and some of the best pieces are collected below.

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Around the Sabersphere

  • Don't blame Mattingly: Blame the Dodgers by David Schoenfield | ESPN Sweetspot
    The Dodgers are in last place in the NL West at 18-25 and people are looking for someone to blame. With the highest payroll in the MLB consisting of a ton of pricy veterans, Don Mattingly is apparently on the hot seat. David Schoenfield insists that he's not the one to blame, thinking people should be pointing at LA's front office.

  • Johnny Cueto’s Twist by Jeff Zimmerman | FanGraphs Baseball
    Johnny Cueto's unique pitching mechanics involves twisting his midsection to deceive hitters at the plate. It seems to have been working for him considering he's posted two consecutive years with an ERA under 2.8. But he only completed a third of an inning in the postseason before exiting with an oblique injury. In 2013, he's already hit the disabled list with another oblique aggravation. Is it time for him to change his trademark mechanics?

  • Investigating Alex Sanabia’s Pitches by Dave Cameron | FanGraphs Baseball
    Yesterday, Marlins pitcher Alex Sanabia slobbered all over the ball after a Domonic Brown homerun and may have attracted the attention of the MLB. For now, nothing has come of it but some are wondering if Sanabia's spit had something to do with his uncharacteristically dominant performance against the Phillies last night. Dave Cameron concludes that there was nothing different about his pitch trajectories.

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Outside the Sabersphere

  • Sean Penn in Talks for Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘Inherent Vice’ by Germain Lussier | /Film
    Paul Thomas Anderson's next film is going to be Inherent Vice, which will be sporting one helluva cast with Joaquin Phoenix, Bencio Del Toro, Owen Wilson, Reese Witherspoon, Martin Short and possibly Sean Penn signing on. Phoenix's return to acting was incredible with his riveting performance in PTA's The Master and I'm extremely excited to see how his next film develops.