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SaberSphere 5/20: Price, Gregg, and the BtBS Podcast

The Tampa Bay Rays lose David Price but continue rolling along, Kevin Gregg is a dominant closer again, and the BtBS Podcast is all new.

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This past week we have seen some great stuff from our writers and today's SaberSphere is all about bringing them together in one place for your reading pleasure.

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Around the Sabersphere

Around SB Nation

  • Blaming sabermetrics for strikeouts - By Rob Neyer - Baseball Nation
    Rob responds to a piece written by FanGraphs' Dave Cameron concerning the rising level of strikeouts in the game and the assumption is that it's because of sabermetrics and hitters taking more pitches. The final few points made by Rob are spot on in my opinion but read and decide for yourself.

  • Organizational droughts: First base - By Grant Brisbee - Baseball Nation
    So Grant asked us when the last time our team developed a star first baseman was and I instantly felt bad because it's been so long for my favorite team. Thanks Grant! This is a fun piece to get into because it does a good job of showing the scarcity of quality first baseman in the game today and may also help explain my unhealthy love for James Loney.

  • Rangers Q&A with Buster Olney - By Adam Morris - Lone Star Ball
    Lone Star Ball's Adam Morris scores a Q&A session with Buster Olney of ESPN. His comments concerning Ian Kinsler and, recently called up, top prospect Jurickson Profar were pretty interesting.

Outside the Sabersphere

    EPIC Motorcycle Fail!