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SaberSphere 5/2: Valdespin, Tejada, Donaldson

In today's edition of SaberSphere we'll discuss early season regression candidates, intentional walks, and whether or not Tim Lincecum has lived up to his own standards so far this season. Let's get into it!


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  • On behalf of everyone here at Beyond the Box Score I'd like to congratulate Lewie Pollis on landing a Baseball Analytics Internship with the Cleveland Indians. Way to go Lewie!
  • It's finals week here at the University of Kentucky, so I've been stuck under my textbooks all week. Free time is at a premium, but I have been reading "Among the Thugs" by Bill Buford. Buford's look into the world of English football hooligans is a must read for any fan of the (other) beautiful game.