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SaberSphere 5/17: Velocity, Grilli, and Mariachi Bands

The best Saber-links from around the web.

Jason Grilli is excited about today's links
Jason Grilli is excited about today's links
Justin K. Aller

In today's links we find out when velocity changes during a start, we celebrate the success of Jason Grilli and Scott Kazmir, and we have the good fortune to hear Jim Leyland's thoughts on shifting. Let's dive in!

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Around the Sabersphere

  • Climbing, with Jason Grilli by Jeff Sullivan │ Fangraphs

    In case you've missed it, Pirates' closer Jason Grilli has gone from Major League journeyman to quite possibly the best reliever in the game. Jeff takes us on the long, crazy journey that it's been. My favorite statistic from the piece? If you add up his current ERA-, FIP-, and xFIP-, you get Tim Lincecum's career ERA-.

  • How Scott Kazmir got his groove back by Kyle Boddy │ The Hardball Times

    Speaking of pitchers that have come out of nowhere, Scott Kazmir has reasserted himself as a Major League caliber starting pitcher. This is just one year after he was toiling on the mound for the Sugar Land Skeeters of the unaffiliated Atlantic League. Kyle asks the million dollar question, how?

  • Eyewitness Accounts May 16 by the BP Prospect Staff │ Baseball Prospectus

    In the news I'm most excited about, Baseball Prospectus has announced they will be altering the way they cover the Minor Leagues. Moving forward, Jason Parks and his team will be giving first hand accounts of players, a really exciting development showing again that BP does a great job of blending traditional scouting with advanced analysis. The first notebook features accounts of some of the best pitching prospects in the game.

  • The Stats Go Marching In: Catcher Framing before PITCHf/x by Max Marchi │ Baseball Prospectus

    BP has been among the leaders in new analysis of catcher performance and specifically pitch framing. Much of that analysis has been made possible because of the developments in PITCHf/x. That data has given us 6 seasons of information to work with, but that's not enough for Max. No, he decided to use Retrosheet pitch sequencing to look at the last twenty seasons.

  • Point/Counterpoint on Rodgers' Extension by Brian Burke │ Advanced NFL Stats

    Right, so not a baseball article, but still a really fascinating (self) argument on the merits of Aaron Rodgers new contract. I'm still not certain which side I feel is more correct.

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Outside the Sabersphere

  • Although it's probably old news at this point, after 8 long years and tons of fantastic episodes, WE FINALLY HAVE SEEN THE MOTHER. I'm really looking forward to season 9.