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SaberSphere 5/15: A.J. Burnett, Travis Wood & MLB Blackouts

In Wednesday's SaberSphere, we're wrapping up Ken's new perspective on how to look at offense while also taking a closer examination of A.J. Burnett's unique age-36 peak and wondering how much Travis Wood will inevitably regress.

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Every year when I see the date 5:15, I think of the song from The Who's greatest album, Quadrophenia. Hopefully, a bunch of other people think of that too. There's been a ton of great articles written about baseball over the past couple days here at Beyond the Box Score and around the web. Today's SaberSphere looks at A.J. Burnett's re-emergence, Travis Wood's month long dominance and MLB blackouts.

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  • MLB 2013 draft prospect outhomering most Division I teams by Marc Normandin |
    Kris Bryant has 80 power. With 28 homers, he's outhomering 228 of the 296 Division I teams. Baseball America has him pegged as the third best prospect in this year's draft. It's truly rare to see 80 grade scores. The only 80 I can think of off the top of my head is Ryan Potter's want.

  • Diamondbacking your way into your best lineup by Grant Brisbee | Baseball Nation
    So Gerardo Parra is pretty good but seems to be behind Cody Ross and Jason Kubel on the Diamondbacks depth chart for some reason. So far this season he's leading their outfield in at-bats but it wasn't really planned to be that way. Adam Eaton is due to come back soon which might move Parra to the bench but given Arizona's outfielders' history of injuries, somehow he'll still be getting plate appearances.

  • Bryce Harper's all-out style could make him another Pete Reiser by Mike Bates |
    Pete Reiser was incredible in his early twenties and played with a very all out style in the early 1940s but after crashing into a concrete wall and suffering a concussion, he was never quite the same. This isn't to say that Bryce Harper will end up like Reiser, being reduced to a part time player due to constant unnecessary collisions with the wall. But at this pace, Harper needs to get a better gauge on which plays are necessary.

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