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SaberSphere 5/13: Anthony Rizzo Gets Paid, Scott Kazmir, and Umpires

We're reviewing some of the work done by umpires over the last few days, figuring out how Scott Kazmir essentially came back from the dead to become a productive member of the Cleveland Indians rotation, and the BtBS podcast crew put together another solid show.

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It's unfortunate that a lot of the focus over the weekend has been on some truly atrocious hack jobs performed by certain umpires but it seems, at least for now, that Major League Baseball is finally willing to do something about it.

Previously on Beyond the Box Score

  • Umpires, Rulebooks, and Instant Replay - By Ben Horrow - Beyond the Box Score
    It feels like umpiring at the major league level has been on the decline for some time now and it's only gotten worse. More specifically, there are moments where I get the impression that certain umpires strive to make it more about them then the game itself. Ben tackles a great subject at a time everyone is trying to make heads or tails of the issues.

  • Scott Kazmir, Back From The Dead - By Lee Trocinski - Beyond the Box Score
    The return of Scott Kazmir is something that many of us have been talking about lately, especially since it appeared as if he would never find his way onto a major league team again. Injuries had all but wrecked the velocity and movement that made his fastball his most dominant pitch and now he primarily works off of his slider and change-up while being able to hit the mid-90's with his fastball once more.

  • BtBS Podcast #57: Are You Flexible? - With Blakey Murphy and Bryan Grosnick - Beyond the Box Score
    Another fine show put together by Blake and Bryan as they tackle the weird park factors at Wrigley Field and talk about one of Bryan's favorite subjects, positional flexibility.

  • Bryce Harper, Starling Marte, and WAR by Matt Hunter | Beyond the Box Score
    The discussion regarding how reliable WAR can be when it takes into account various defensive metrics is something that interests many of us here at BtBS. It was also shown that the correlation between WAR with the defensive metrics was stronger in regards to winning percentage than it was without. This is an older piece by Matt but felt it is still important enough to use to make the point that while defensive metrics are far from perfect they are still useful in some ways.

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