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BTB Podcast #49: Dave Bush League

As Bryan drives from NJ to Connecticut, he and Blake talk the weekend in baseball.

Now coming at you Tuesdays and Friday, Bryan Grosnick and Blake Murphy will aim to bring you the best in baseball with a saber-lean, working in a third man in the booth or special guest when we can. As we figure out the format and get a flow, we'd love to hear feedback and constructive criticism, as well as suggestions for segments/topics/etc. So drop 'em in the comments.

Today's edition runs 27:37 (9.5 MB for download, by the way). It's a bit choppy at times due to cell phone connection, our apologies. Here's a really thin outline of what we talk about:

*Wrestlemania breakdown.
*Weird stat of the day!
*Aces getting lit up all weekend (including Dave Bush).
*Pitch F/X curiosity regarding Brett Cecil.
*Hot starts - Chris Davis, Mike Morse, Dexter Fowler.
*Joe Saunders: The Definitive Answer to Astros Streaming Strategy.
*Jose Fernandez' debut and some weird "win" credit.
*Shameless plugs!
*Getting Tango'd/Getting Fandango'd.
*Safeco - Blake's 20th MLB stadium on Saturday!
*Much, MUCH more.

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