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SaberSphere 4/30: Harper, BABIP, and Francisco Lindor

It's the end of April, the last day of the first month of the MLB season. Still, it also happens to be Tuesday, so the SaberSphere is jam packed with awesome articles examining balls in play, Bryce Harper, and the Toronto Blue Jays.

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Why can't the Blue Jays live up to expectations? Speaking of expectations, what should we expect from home runs hit at specific angles, or more how about supe-prospects like the Indians Francisco Lindor? Throw out your preconceived notions, it's the SaberSphere, and we've got all the information you need right here.

Previously on Beyond the Box Score

Ken's been hard at work, and this is the fourth part of his series examining "well hit balls." If you haven't read the first parts of his ongoing analysis, get on it. The fourth installment looks into a recently shown important aspect of hitting, the types of balls put in play by hitters. How does Ken's new philosophy of hitting fit into this paradigm?

Speaking of ongoing research, Chris moves forward in his examination of the subtleties, specifically the angles and directions of balls in play. In this piece, Chris looks into the highest point a home reaches, whether that home run be more of a line drive or a fly ball. Is left-center field the key?

In order to further our understanding of baseball through research we must look into the history of the game. Starting from Tom Seaver and looking forward to Matt Harvey, James decided to look into monthly run environments, do some months produce more runs than others, and does it have to do with weather and temperature?

Around the Sabersphere

The Toronto Blue Jays made big moves this past offseason, but early in the 2013 season they have faltered. The reasons for their lack of success are numerous, as they usually are this early in the season, but Dave Cameron examines it nonetheless. R.A. Dickey hasn't been the same pitcher as he was in 2012, but is the pitching the problem? Maybe it's the injury to Jose Reyes? No matter, the Jays have some issues, and the most important question is, can they overcome the early season woes and pull out a playoff appearance?

Heard of Miguel Sano? How about Franisco Lindor? Well if Lindor's name wasn't in your prospect vernacular, then get ready for that to change. J.D. Sussman takes a look at the Indians top prospect and shortstop elite. He's the whole package, and he's and young, but will he succeed in the future?

Maybe we don't look into pitchers' hitting enough, but honestly, why would we? Well, Sam Miller decided it was time to change such things and looks into the lowest recorded BABIPs of all time. Up comes Nationals righty Ross Detwiler. Maybe he's been unlucky, but unless you read, you won't understand it fully.

Around SB Nation

Last night Matt Harvery took the mound against Jose Fernandez of the Marlins. While that matchup proved fun to watch, Baseball Nation's Rob Neyer took a look a whether the hype surrounding Harvey is all justified. Maybe he's not the amazing strikeout fanatic we all thought, or is he?

ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports, has some flaws. The network tends to focus on certain athletes, while neglecting others. No this isn't about Tim Tebow, it's about Nats phenom Bryce Harper. Is the attention he's getting deserved?

Outside the Sabersphere

Science is just plain awesome, and in this piece from the New York Times science section, Claudia looks at the new age of prosthetics, and how they impact those who need them most, and everyone else. Smart phone sure, but smart limbs, awesome.