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Saberthread 4/29: Harvey vs. Fernandez, all your pitching phenoms are belong to us

Welcome to a gamethread made for saber-nerds like yourself!


In a new project we will be trying here at Beyond the Box Score, we will be having nightly gamethreads where fans like yourself can come discuss baseball, and do so with a saber-slant.

We will update this with any cool/awesome/funny things that happen throughout the night, and hopefully this can become a place for baseball-lovers to gather and talk about whatever games are on that night. If you have a GIF you would like to share, or anything of that sort, just post it in the comments.

If you have been at work all day, being productive, here are the NERD scores for tonight's games.

Another interesting read from the day was our own Matt Hunter, and his look at the debate today over the reliability of WAR. I would recommend definitely checking that article out.

So, what game are you watching? What're you eating/drinking? WE WANT TO KNOW.

UPDATE 7:44 - Ump blows a call?


UPDATE 8:00 - Matt Harvey is a dirty, dirty man.


UPDATE 8:17 - Austin Jackson gets hit...or not


UPDATE 8:34 - Strasburg does Strasburg things


UPDATE 9:03 - Go home, Fernandez. Don't even try.


UPDATE 10:06 - Andrelton Simmons is too tired to stand up while throwing