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SaberSphere 4/23: Fish, Jeter, & Hit By Pitches

Tomorrow is Wednesday, yesterday was Monday, which means it's time for Tuesday's SaberSphere. Today we take a look at solid research pieces concerning new metrics, digging up old metrics, and even an historical look at the worst of the worst. If your in pain, don't worry, I'm sure Reds outfielder Shin-Soo Choo would bet he's got more welts than you.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

It's Tuesday again, wait, doesn't that happen every week? If you answered yes, then you're ready for today's fabulous edition of the SaberSphere. As you traverse the sphere, you'll notice some fascinating pieces, from new metrics involving something called "well-hit balls" to an historical discussion of the worst offenses ever. Moving on we see a piece concerning the Cardinals bullpen, but it might not concern the redbird's lack of relief efficiency as you may have assumed. Don't fret though, the SaberSphere takes you from Cincinnati to Denver, although it may not be a non-stop flight.

Previously on Beyond the Box Score

In the 2nd of a multi-part series discussing a new approach to hitting, Ken brings us greater insight into the world of hitting through the eyes of the "well-hit ball." Where will it take him next?

Have you watched the Marlins this season? Well, Andrew has, and he's also dissected their paltry offense, full of easy outs for opposing pitchers, and fast-paced games filled with very few runs. Still, could this team have one of the worst offenses in history? It's quite possible.

So often we hear pundits claim that pitchers pitch to the situation in the game, the opposing hitter, his tendencies, and even sometimes towards the score and inning of the game. Still, this can't possibly be anything but talking heads filling airtime with their babbling, can it? Enter Professor Potter, and his desire to get to the bottom of such musings.

Derek Jeter hasn't played yet this season, and it now seems the Yankee captain will remain on the disabled list for some time. A number of questions deserve answers here, and yours truly takes a hack at some of the more important, and obvious, ones.

Around the Sabersphere

Beyond the Box Score writer Matt Hunter also writes pieces at The Hardball Times. He admits to focusing intensely on evaluating pitching, and in this piece he uses an old Bill James tool to do just that.

Over at Fangraphs, Jeff Zimmerman decided that enough was enough. If Reds center fielder Shin-Soo Choo was going to continue to be hit by more pitches than some batters have hits so far this season, then by god, he was going to write about. Oh, and that's exactly what he's done.

Around SB Nation

Walt Weiss's Colorado Rockies have the best record in Major League Baseball. Okay, it's April, but if writers like Grant Brisbee don't write about it now, then when? Sure, the Braves and Rockies are technically tied for the best record in baseball, but let's not split hairs, something could be afoot.

The St. Louis Cardinals continue to win, doing so with stout starting pitching, bruising bats, and a little help from the bullpen. Although the pen may not be this team's strength, bgh takes a look at one reliever's new approach and the possibilities is brings.

Outside the Sabersphere

Yesterday was Earth Day everyone! Did you notice? Well, if not, the best thing to do is go outside, weather permitting, and enjoy some fresh air and nature. It's here for a reason; we might as well use it. Days like Earth Day aren't so much a commemoration, but a kick in the butt, so get outside and enjoy your surroundings.