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BtBS Podcast #51 - Weird Looking Dudes

A full week of baseball to get through, including A.J. Burnett's ascension and face, the Marlins as the worst team ever, Jose Reyes tears and much more!

Now coming at you Tuesdays and Friday, Bryan Grosnick and Blake Murphy will aim to bring you the best in baseball with a saber-lean, working in a third man in the booth or special guest when we can. As we figure out the format and get a flow, we'd love to hear feedback and constructive criticism, as well as suggestions for segments/topics/etc. So drop 'em in the comments.

Today's edition is a little long since we missed Tuesday, running about 49min (11.8 MB for download). Here's a really thin outline of what we talk about:

The Jose Reyes injury and all Blake's tears.
*Munenori Mania.
*Upton here, Upton here.
*Are the Marlins the Worst Ever?
*Shameless plugs!
*Weird stat of the day!
*Introducing "Wooly"...that's you, Ken.
*Breaking news on Paul Sporer.
*Much, MUCH more.

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