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SaberSphere 4/17: Balls in Play, Harvey & the Nationals

Today's SaberSphere shines a light on some articles about team building, Carl Crawford's new refined plate approach and the Mariners new investment. There's a ton of enjoyable writing enclosed below that'll help you fly through this week's hump day.


Should the pitchers have more blame or credit for their hits and outs? The Washington Nationals came into this season as favorites to run away with the NL East and were considered to be World Series contenders by many. Maybe a little bit too much hype? Take a look at some of the best articles here in Wednesday's SaberSphere.

Previously on Beyond the Box Score

  • Crowdsourcing Balls in Play by Matt Hunter | Beyond the Box Score
    Matt puts together an excellent article taking a look at some balls that were put in play in Cliff Lee's latest start and asks the community on how much of the out or hit should be blamed or credited to him. We assume that BABIP will settle down at around .300 but Matt really takes a deeper look into how much responsibility pitchers should be held to for outs or hits.

  • The Next Tom Seaver or the First Matt Harvey? by Ryan Potter | Beyond the Box Score
    So Matt Harvey is the Joker in the Dark Knight with a "modus operandi" of burning people and destroying lives every time he takes the mound. Ryan has composed one of the most entertaining articles here. Besides his brilliant metaphors, he also compares Harvey's first 13 starts to Tom Seaver's. Harvey's dominance so far is really something else.

  • Team Building: Superstar(s) and Fringe by Lance Rinker | Beyond the Box Score
    Lance examines how to build a MLB roster. Is it worth spending a ton of money on a superstar or filling out a roster with average to slightly above average players? The answer actually may surprise you.

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Outside the Sabersphere

  • Miguel played 'SNL,' which featured a new Daft Punk commercial (with Pharrell and Nile Rogers) | Brooklyn Vegan
    Miguel's Kaleidoscope Dream was one of my favorite albums last year. Two of the best songs from the record, 'Adorn' and 'How Many Drinks' were re-arranged and performed on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Miguel's stage presence is really something else and I can't wait to see him at the Made in America festival here in Philly. But otherwise, at Coachella, Daft Punk premiered a snippet of their first single off Random Access Memories, 'Get Lucky' featuring Pharrell and Nile Rogers. Supposedly, the French duo were at the festival to see the reaction of the festivalgoers resulting in countless rumors of them playing after Phoenix on Saturday night. I can't wait to hear the rest of this album. Take a listen to the absolutely infectious snippet.