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SaberSphere 4/16: Pitchers, Cubs, Red Sox, and Harrison Ford

Here it comes, your daily SaberSphere. We have great stuff from some brilliant BTBS writers including a look into rookies clutch performances, a new metric shedding more light on pitchers, and some news concerning Wrigley Field. The SaberSphere takes you around the Major Leagues, touching down in Miami, Boston, and Louisville, so make sure you remember your frequent flyer number.

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It's Tuesday, and the SaberSphere is busy. Between new metrics allowing us to see which pitchers are most similar and a piece pondering the question of lineup protection. Wrigley Field is set to undergo a makeover, but to what end? Also, let's never forget about the parade of bad calls that we see day-in and day-out in the Major Leagues, does it mean we need replay, or should they be celebrated? Dive into today's SaberSphere, it won't disappoint.

Previously on Beyond the Box Score

I'm proud to be the writer who posts this article on the SaberSphere. Stephen has done a wonderful job, using lots of math and statistical analysis, to create a method for comparing pitchers. He takes different aspects of pitchers into consideration, and mathematically morphs those aspects into a method for discerning which pitchers are most similar to one another.

The Chicago Cubs haven't won the World Series since 1908, and Wrigley Field has served as the home of the Cubs since 1916. Despite the lack of a title on Chicago's north side, the Cubs have decided to renovate the friendly confines. Andrew Ball takes a deeper look into what Cubs fans can expect for the future of their home games.

Rookies lack experience, but does mean they aren't clutch? Oftentimes rookies surprise us by getting that big hit in the most important of moments. Chris St. John took the time to deconstruct whether rookies are less or more clutch than the average player.

Around the Sabersphere

The Marlins have thus far performed as many thought they would. The Marlins poor production includes slugger Giancarlo Stanton, who has almost zero protection in the lineup. Miller and Lindbergh join forces to look both at the idea of protection for hitters as well as whether Stanton's struggles can be attributed to said lack of protection.

Baseball fans constantly discuss the need for more instant replay use as well as whether machines should replace umpires. Despite the debate, nothing has changed, but Jeff Sullivan discusses the positives and negatives of missed calls. He comes to a conclusion you may not have expected.

The Reds recently placed ace Johnny Cueto on the disabled list, forcing them to replace him in their rotation. Many have speculated that Tony Cingrani, might replace Cueto during the duration of his DL stint. In the event the Reds call up Cingrani, one of Fangraphs great scouting writers J.D. Sussman discusses Cingrani and his recent success.

Around SB Nation

Just the other day, Clay Buchholz made a statement by coming quite close to throwing his second career no-hitter. Buchholz has had a rocky career, but was his most recent performance indicative of more success? Marc Normandin takes a look into the Red Sox righty.

Rob Neyer recently read a piece calling this era Baseball's golden age. He decides to give his take on this opinion, responding to a few specifics.

Outside the Sabersphere

Last Friday the movie "42" came out, just days prior to Jackie Robinson day in Major League Baseball. In the movie, Harrison Ford plays former Dodgers General Manager Branch Rickey. Ford has played a major role in my childhood, having starred in the "Star Wars" series as well as the great movie "The Fugitive". Alex Pappademas of Grantland takes a look at Ford's illustrious career.