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SaberSphere 04/15: Red Sox, Injuries, and Jackie Robinson Day

If you missed this past weekend's action of baseball and BtBS research then you're in luck because we have it all right here for you. We're talking the actual cost of "the brawl" and other injuries, research on Derek Holland and his changeup, and of course it's Jackie Robinson Day.

Curt Gunther

The Boston Red Sox are turning out to be better than some of us thought as they nearly no-hit the Tampa Bay Rays yesterday. We also have the great honor of being able to watch baseball being played on Jackie Robinson day, although there's no baseball being played in New York which is kind of weird.

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    There are some really good points made in this review about the movie and those of us that have already seen the movie would enjoy this review. For those that haven't watched it as of yet I almost want you to hold off. We have to remember that this is Hollywood after all and can't take the words "Based on a true story" too seriously these days. He does give the movie high marks though and he's spot on with that, as well as his other thoughts.

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    I'm routinely fascinated by some of the thoughts and analysis of Bill James and his "Hey Bill" column where he answers readers' questions generally has some fantastic thoughts from him.

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  • Jackie Robinson - The Official Site
    In honor of it being Jackie Robinson Day all across Major League Baseball we should also take the time to visit the official Jackie Robinson website and learn a little bit more about the man, and not just the player.

  • BASEBALL EDITION | Dude Perfect - YouTube
    So my Beyond the Box Score cohort Mr. Ryan Potter thinks that he can outdo me in YouTube clips. Challenge accepted Mr. Potter! Check out Dude Perfect and his amazing trick shots in this baseball edition he did.