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SaberSphere 4/11: Josh Hamilton, Hector Sanchez, Brooklyn Dodgers

In today's edition of SaberSphere we'll try to find the most "valuable" pitcher in baseball, look for the cause of Josh Hamilton's continued struggles at the plate, and go back in time to discuss the Brooklyn Dodgers. Let's get into it!

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Around the Sabersphere

Around SB Nation

  • A final word on Hector Sanchez and Tim Lincecum by Grant Brisbee | McCovey Chronicles
    I recently wrote an article on the defensive deficiencies of Giants catcher Hector Sanchez. However, I am a man who will admit when I have been bested, and therefore must admit that Grant Brisbee of McCovey Chronicles delved far deeper into the issue than I had imagined was possible.

  • Dustin Ackley's Swing by Michael Barr | Lookout Landing
    Looking Landing has recently provided a number of great pieces on the swing changes of Mariners players. Michael Barr examined Dustin Ackley's new swing and the shift opponents have been using to combat it.

  • The Branch Rickey Miracle by Steven Goldman | Baseball Nation
    I know, I know. Enough about the Brooklyn Dodgers, right? I would normally agree with you, but when I see a piece of writing as excellent as the one I'm about to share with you, I feel bound by some sort of "Writer's Oath" to pass it along. Baseball Nation's Steven Goldman takes us back to the 1940s to give us an idea of the racial climate in the United States at the time Branch Rickey made the historic decision to select Jackie Robinson as the man to break baseball's "color barrier". "42", a film about the life of Jackie Robinson, hits theaters this Friday.

Outside the Sabersphere

  • The Short Fuse | SB Nation's Arsenal Blog
    Apart from baseball, UK basketball and Molson Golden, there are few things I'm more passionate about than Arsenal FC. This Saturday, Arsenal takes on Norwich and my endless string of replacement level baseball tweets will be broken for a few hours as I cheer on my Gunners. The folks over at The Short Fuse do a wonderful job covering all things Arsenal. Come on you rip roarin' reds!

  • Start your day off right with this soul-soothing classic
    I have spent an untold number of hours of my life struggling my way through the night shift in a factory. This song always appeared on my mental playlist during those early morning hours in which I had nothing to listen to other than the ever present droning of machinery. Dobie Gray's Drift Away always brings me comfort, no matter what the day throws at me. (Video credit: YouTube)