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SaberSphere 4/01: Elvis Andrus, Buster Posey, and Predictions!

Buster Posey signs a mega-deal with the San Francisco Giants, there are predictions to look over and follow through the season, and some platoon and power breakout candidate research had some interesting results.


The baseball season is officially under way as the Houston Astros earned their first win of the season, as well as the first win of manager Bo Porter's career, by defeating the Texas Rangers 8-2 last night. It was a really good game and I hope the Astros play like that all season long.

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Around the Sabersphere

  • Baseball Prospectus | Pre-Season Predictions
    Oh Baseball Prospectus, how I love thee. The BP staff put out their pre-season predictions and not a single one of them chose the Houston Astros to win the American League West. I bet they feel pretty silly now after how the Astros man-handled the Texas Rangers. This was an interesting read though, especially the awards part as many of them think we're going to get another showdown of Mike Trout versus Miguel Cabrera for MVP with Trout narrowly winning it this time. You can't re-write history folks, at least not without a TARDIS.

  • WAR 1945 - By Tom Tango - Tangotiger Blog
    Tom has some interesting thoughts about what to do with the different replacement level numbers for seasons such as 1945 when the replacement level was so much lower due to outside circumstances (WWII for instance) or even the 1914-15 Federal League.

Around SB Nation

  • Rangers, Andrus nearing 8-year extension by Spencer Schneier | MLB Daily Dish
    Ken Rosenthal broke the news late last night that the Rangers are close to extending Elvis Andrus for eight years, a move that obviously will have a huge effect on the future of top prospect Jurickson Profar.

  • Marlins promote top prospect Jose Fernandez - By Nathan Aderhold - MLB Daily Dish
    Some are calling this a surprise move but I can't say I'm surprised by anything the Marlins do at this point. Needless to say, there are a great deal of opinions out there about whether this is the wrong move or the wrong move by the Marlins but I for one don't really care. It's the Marlins and that's just how they roll.

  • Is this a Golden Age of center fielders? - By Grant Brisbee - Baseball Nation
    Michael Bourn thought he had a lot more money lined up once he hit free agency but that's not what happened. Teams just didn't have as much of a need for a good center fielder the way they may have a season or two ago. Grant takes the time to look at how many good center fielders there are and how many teams actually have one. Definitely an interesting read and I'm glad my favorite team has one of the "good" ones.

  • The Ultimate Replacement Level Baseball Player - By Rob Neyer - Baseball Nation
    Rob took the time to give us a few comments about the one player who came in just below replacement level once Baseball Reference and FanGraphs did a little re-imagining of WAR by agreeing on a unified replacement-level winning percentage.

  • Texas Rangers at Houston Astros, Mar 31, 2013 7:05 PM CDT - The Crawfish Boxes
    Gotta give the Houston Astros credit where credit is due. They defeated the Texas Rangers last night, in what was their inaugural game in a new league and a brand new division. Many don't expect the Astros to amount to much this season, but I simply don't agree with that. While anything can happen in baseball, including surprise playoff runs (Orioles and A's for example), I don't think the Astros are going to the playoffs any time soon; however, I also don't think they're going to lose 110 games.

Outside the Sabersphere

  • Opening Day crossword puzzle! - By Diane Firstman - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
    This is pretty cool and I think you should all give it a try to see how well you do. One of two things will happen if you try this. You'll either prove to all of your baseball friends that you do, in fact, know more about the history of the game than they do or you'll realize how little you know and give up. Good luck!
  • Do you watch Doctor Who? I do and it is an amazing show. This preview is from the season premiere.I won't spoil the episode for any of you who haven't seen it yet and actually want to but this is the show where my TARDIS and time travel references come from.