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Sabersphere 3/6: Sloan, Suspensions, Prospect hype

Rounding up the best sabermetric links all in one place at Beyond the Box Score.


As we inch closer to the regular season, the sabermetric world continues to buzz on, We have the World Baseball Classic, which is pretty sweet too. Let's get this show on the road.

Yesterday at Beyond the Box Score

Reflections from the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference - Beyond the Box Score

I attended #SSAC13 and took in a few baseball-related panels and presentations.

Remembering Jose Rijo's One Big Year - Beyond the Box Score

While it seemed like Greg Maddux was untouchable on top of the National League pitching mound from 1992-95, Jose Rijo had one season that was overlooked by many.

Around SB Nation

What are the odds of making it to the major leagues? - Bless You Boys

How many major league players can a club expect to make it to the major leagues from each year's draft? We break down the numbers, and the expectations here.

The Boston Red Sox: PECOTA darlings for 2013 - Baseball Nation

In which "darlings" is defined as "84 wins or so" and "not horrible."

Rays Roundtable: BABIP and IFFB% - DRaysBay

A roundtable with the DRaysBay masthead on the failing of the Rays offense in regards to BABIP and in-field flyballs.

Projecting Knuckleballers Like Steven Wright An Almost Impossible Task - Over the Monster

Steven Wright is intriguing, but as a knuckler, it's going to be tough to know he's good until he proves it one way or the other

Around the Sabersphere

Baseball Prospectus | Skewed Left: Life on the Inside

Zach Levine of Baseball Prospectus does a great job of exploring the secretive nature of sports analytics, and why the industry is this way.

Longer PED Suspensions: Deterrent or Retribution? | FanGraphs Baseball

Dave Cameron of FanGraphs explores whether or not the stricter punishments could help with the PED "issue." I think you will find his thoughts to be interesting and they are certainly worth checking out.

It happens every spring

Once again, the media are too excited about prospects during spring training. Jeff Moore of The Hardball Times does his best to try and temper the excitement. Although Oscar Taveras is a combination of Ruth and Bonds, but as a centerfielder.