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SaberSphere 3/27: Pitching Pairs, Jose Molina and Redoing the NYY Offseason

The New York Yankees discovered about $13 million in the washer the other day and chose to acquire Vernon Wells. Couldn't they look in between the couch cushions for some money to sign a catcher? Jose Molina's biggest contribution to the Rays is likely undervalued and we take a look at the idea of reinventing starting pitching with pairings.

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Christian Petersen

So the Yankees are old. And they have a couple injuries to deal with at the beginning of the 2013 season. But is it really all that bleak in the Bronx? Also, one writer takes a look at some notable hitters with excellent career numbers but weren't the leaders in a single season. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and tab these articles for some excellent baseball reading.

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Around the Sabersphere

  • Kyle Lohse and the 17th pick by David Schoenfield I ESPN Sweetspot
    A quick and to the point article from David at ESPN. The players selected with the 17th pick produce an average of 6.4 WAR. With players such as Ryan Braun and Aramis Ramirez in their prime right now, the Brewers' best window of opportunity is now.

  • He never led the league: hitters by Jason Linden I The Hardball Times
    This was an extremely surprising article. Jason presents some offensive players with excellent career numbers that somehow did not lead the league in any individual season. Vlad has a .553 career slugging percentage and posted a .664 in 2000 but STILL did not lead the league.

  • Jose Molina on Jose Molina by Jeff Sullivan | FanGraphs Baseball
    Is pitch framing undervalued? Jose Molina has fine crafted his technique for receiving pitches. Jeff compares two similar pitches caught by Lobaton and Molina. As you can expect, one gets a called strike and the other doesn't. Some super focused images and slow-mo GIFs help show how talented Molina truly is.

  • Keep ‘em or send ‘em out? by Jeff Moore I The Hardball Times
    Jeff makes his argument for some important roster decisions that had to be made on prospects before this season. With Jurickson Profar, Yasiel Puig, Darin Ruf and Jacob Turner sent down to the minors this past week, should Jackie Bradley Jr. follow them? Jeff doesn't like Aaron Hicks promotion and I agree with him. The Twins aren't going to be contending this year and like Bradley, Hicks has not played in Triple-A. Having him on the Opening Day roster will make him a free agent a year early. Hicks will likely be a better player at 29 than 23 but it seems that Minnesota is sticking with him as their centerfielder in 2013.

Around SB Nation

  • 2013 MLB Season Preview: The Year in Offense I
    The staff here at SB Nation focused on some offensive story lines to look forward to in 2013. Somehow, the possibility of Ben Revere's first major league homer was not listed. But there is plenty to anticipate this upcoming year. Austin Jackson is apparently 5th all time in BABIP at .370. Is it luck or is he truly that talented?

  • Vernon Wells and Redoing the Yankees' Offseason by Grant Brisbee I Baseball Nation
    The Yankees extended $83 million dollars in contracts this offseason. They couldn't pony up a few million to match the Pirates offer for Russell Martin but they were able to give $13 million to Vernon Wells a couple days ago. Grant details how the offseason could have gone, even if the Yankees were still dead set on pinching pennies.

  • The five springs you're hoping aren't a mirage by Grant Brisbee I Baseball Nation
    Apparently I'm a big fan of Grant's writing. There have been a ton of feel-good stories this spring training including the Royals winning 22 of 29 games so far. If their 75% win percentage translates over into the regular season, they're going to win 122 games! Keep your fingers crossed.

Outside the Sabersphere

  • The Phillies Triple-A affiliate, the Leigh Valley Iron Pigs, are introducing a urinal video game at their ballpark. The 55-second game is meant to test "ability and knowledge" by having men control a snowmobile gliding down an alpine slope with their...well, pee. Scores will be posted on a leaderboard and the top performers will get a shout out at Coca-Cola Park during the game. So if you're planning to going to a minor league game here in Pennsylvania and love video games, drink a ton of water. Maybe you can be the American representative in the Urinal Video Game Olympics in 2018.