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Not Doing The Big Things Or Little Things

It's very strange to see a player not having much power not have to bunt much. Who are the few who took that concept to the extreme?

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

If a player has no power, they usually do all the "little things" very well, one of which are sacrifice bunts. While sac bunts aren't normally recommended, players with so little power tend to have more reason to bunt. Among players with at least 300 PA in a season since 1901, only five players have managed to not hit a homer or lay down a sac bunt.

Rk Player WAR/pos HR SH PA Year Age BA OBP SLG OPS Pos
1 Jason Kendall 2.2 0 0 676 2005 31 .271 .345 .321 .666 *2/D
2 Von Hayes 1.1 0 0 323 1991 32 .225 .303 .285 .589 *87/9
3 Bip Roberts 0.2 0 0 372 1996 32 .283 .331 .357 .688 *4D/789
4 Willie Bloomquist -0.4 0 0 338 2012 34 .302 .325 .398 .724 *65/479
5 Al Oliver -1.0 0 0 460 1984 37 .301 .343 .370 .714 *3/7
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Oliver was the only hitter who rated average compared to the league, which is a bit surprising to me. I figured it would take a good hitter to pull off such a feat, though everyone else but Bloomquist were much better during the previous season. Hayes only came in above replacement because of a +10 TotalZone rating, so Kendall is the only player significantly above replacement level.

I don't have the Retrosheet data to find specific games for each situation, but Bloomquist had a guy on 2nd with no outs six times this past season. He also had a guy on first with no outs eleven times. In those 17 PA, he had 4 singles, one walk, and reaching via an error once, avoiding double plays, with his AVG and OBP very close to his season line.

There isn't any great significance to this group, but it is surprising to see players without a number in either stat during a half-season plus. Most of this group had a relevant peak, which helps explain why such a phenomenon could occur. Do you think a player could be added to the group this year?