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SaberSphere 3/19: Upton, Upton, & Away

Justin Upton homers twice, the Dominicans snuff the Dutch, and Chase Headley lands on the disabled list. It was a busy Monday in the baseball world, but who would want anything less?


The Netherlands' run to the semifinals of the World Baseball Classic gave us all a chance to root for the ultimate underdog, but unfortunately, every fairy tale has an end. In the Spring Training barracks, the Indians' Drew Stubbs gives us some insight into the managing styles of Dusty Baker and Terry Francona, while Cubs writers wonder if Javier Baez should make the big league club and one writer looks into the time table for determining a prospect's boom or bust.

Previously on Beyond the Box Score

Chris looks into one of the most intriguing issues in baseball. Highly touted prospects might look like stars in the making in the minors, but what causes some to become Justin Smoak and others to become Mike Trout? How long should fans and teams wait for players like Domonic Brown or Drew Pomeranz to become the next Bobby Abreu or Ubaldo Jimenez?
In lieu of the Brewers extending center fielder Carlos Gomez, Mike delves into Gomez's power surge from last season,, wondering, as I'm sure Milwaukee is, if Gomez can sustain or build on his career year in home runs and ISO.
Andrew Ball attended the Sloan Analytics Conference at MIT - did you? If not, you missed a bit about refining the way we rank prospects. Andrew delves into how these lists are created, why they often stop at 100, and what some of the brightest analytics minds think should be done to improve the process.
Bill Petti recently introduced us to K%+ and looked at starters through the eyes of the new metric. Now, James Gentile takes it one logical step further, exploring how relievers can be seen through the goggles of K%+.

Jon's research pushed him to look into what some pitchers are doing to create better platoon splits. Some move from one side of the rubber to the other, while some change their release point or their arm angles. It's a PITCH F/X party and Joe has invited you.

    Around the Sabersphere

    David interviews Drew Stubbs now that the outfielder has gone north from Cincinnati to Cleveland. What does Drew think of his development? Laurila interviewed the outfielder in 2007 and is back to learn more.
    In this fascinating piece at BP, Russell Carleton looks into the adage that managers should split up starters of who pitch from the same side on a game by game basis. Does it make a difference or are managers once again seeing effects where there is none?
    Some players move closer to 3,000 hits, some to 500 home runs, and maybe one or two creep closer to 300 wins, but which franchise looks to break the 10,000 win mark in 2013? Chris Jaffe of the Hardball Times takes looks at league, individual, and franchise milestones coming up this season.

      Around SB Nation

      The Braves bunch discusses yesterday's Spring Training battle between the Braves and Phillies, or put another way, the game that Justin Upton thought was a home run derby.
      With Jeff Sullivan relieving himself of his Lookout Landing perch, someone has to keep Mariners fans updated as to the news from the Pacific Northwest. Jon Shields plans on doing the best he can to fill some big shoes.
      The boys from the north side of Chicago have some great prospects in the Cubs' Minor League system. Al Yellon makes the case that Baez could produce effectively in the Major League's right now, or can he?
      What happened in the WBC? Well, the Netherlands came up short against Los Dominicanos. If you didn't see the game, or just want to know more about how it happened, Nathan's got you covered.

        Outside the Sabersphere

        Apparently the Golf star and top US women's Skier have taken a liking to each other. Wait, didn't we already know this juicy bit of gossip? Well, rumors are just that, but apparently now it's official. Don't let E! Hollywood break the story, read every detail of the next big sports power couple over at ESPN.