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Site News: Beyond the Box Score in 2013

Welcome to Beyond the Box Score. Here's our story.

Nick Laham

Good morning, everyone. I'd like to share a bit of news regarding Beyond the Box Score, and at the same time welcome anyone who's new to the site to our community.

For nearly two and a half years, this site has been helmed by Justin Bopp, who's done a truly fantastic job of building and growing the site into what you're seeing today. He's been able to build not just a community of brilliant thinkers, analysts and writers (make no mistake, my colleagues here are, to the person, brilliant), but a vibrant community that works together and is greater than the sum of its parts. And that community includes our great readers and commenters.

Well, today, Justin's officially moving on from his role here at the site. The entire staff wishes him the best of luck in his continued work with SB Nation, and we were privileged to have him as our managing editor for the time we've had him. Anyone who's worked for and with the site over the past few years know just how much effort he's put into not only growing the site, but also the careers of the people who've contributed here.

So what does that mean for the future? Well, I'm pleased to announce that I've been granted the tremendous opportunity and honor to be the new managing editor for Beyond the Box Score. I am so humbled by this new role, and am excited about the opportunity to do more for this site and community.

At the same time, I'm indebted to each of the site managers that have come before me for what they've built here. Between Justin, Sky, Jeff, Tommy, R.J., and Marc -- well, there are some enormous shoes to fill. I won't let you or your legacy down.

(More personally, I'm indebted to Eno Sarris, Dan Mennella, and of course Justin for their support and the opportunities they've given me to write over the past couple of years. And, of course, also the greater SBN family, the writers and analysts I've gotten to work with here -- and at other sites -- and my family for their support.)

Most importantly, I want to assure members of the staff and community that what you've come to know and love about our site won't be changing in a meaningful way. Our core focus areas -- saber-slanted baseball writing (and not the other way around), high-quality objective analysis, warm community, and constant movement forward -- are all staying the same. Sure, the staff might embark on a few new projects for the site, and we'll continue to add the best new baseball writers to the fold, but if you liked what you've seen in the past, you'll love what we're going to do this year.

And that's all thanks to the tremendous talent of our writers, all of whom are listed below.

Our Current Staff

Bryan Grosnick -- Managing Editor, Columnist

Glenn DuPaul -- Editor, Columnist

James Gentile -- Editor, Columnist

Matt Hunter -- Editor, Columnist

Alex Kienholtz -- Editor, Columnist

Julian Levine -- Editor, Columnist

Jon Roegele -- Editor, Columnist

Spencer Schneier -- Editor, Columnist

Adam Darowski -- Historian-in-Residence, Editor, Columnist

Blake Murphy -- Podcast Host, Editor, Columnist

Ari Berkowitz -- Featured Writer

Ben Horrow -- Featured Writer

Stephen Loftus -- Featured Writer

Mike Mulvenna -- Featured Writer

Lewie Pollis -- Featured Writer

Ryan Potter -- Featured Writer

Lance Rinker -- Featured Writer

Chris St. John -- Featured Writer

Nathaniel Stoltz -- Featured Writer

Lee Trocinski -- Featured Writer

Max Weinstein -- Featured Writer

All kidding aside, that's a Murderer's Row to rival the '27 Yankees.

Our Philosophy

I like what Justin said once about the site, so instead of trying to restate it in inferior terms, here's what he said:

Baseball is an intellectually, spriritually, artistically beautiful sport. It captures the imagination of the world because it represents overcoming obstacles, beating the odds, and triumphing in individual battles versus both yourself and your opponent. And sabermetrics makes it more beautiful, captivating, and compelling.

We're a blog that focuses on watching, analyzing, and observing baseball through a sabermetric lens ... but we're not people who focus on numbers to the detriment of any other part of the game. Sabermetrics, the objective study of baseball and its statistics, is a tool we'll use to appreciate the game and search for understanding.

At our best, we'll make you think about baseball in a way that you may not have before.

At our best, we'll make you appreciate this game in a way that you may not have before.

But we're a saber-slanted baseball community, and not a place where we focus on stats or numbers instead of looking at the whole picture.

One Final Thing

My door is always, always open to comments, ideas, and whatever sorts of feedback you (yes you!) have for us. You can find me on Twitter at @bgrosnick (that's probably the fastest means of communication), or via the email in my profile. Or in the comments. Or send a carrier pigeon. Whatever works for you. We promise to listen.

I literally could not be more excited about what the future holds for this site. I sincerely hope you'll join us for the ride. And hey, who's psyched for Opening Day?

Bryan Grosnick

Managing Editor | Beyond the Box Score